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Pools Boats and Accessories

Pools Boats and Accessories

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  1. Aqualife Floating LED Gator Decoy AL100GATOR

    Aqualife Floating LED Gator Decoy AL100GATOR


    The Aqualife Floating LED Gator Decoy will acts as a deterrent to birds, keeping your pool or pond more sanitary and clean! The three separate body parts are hinged together, creating life-like motion with the wind or water movement.

    Product Features:

    • 3 Pieces - Hinged Together
    • Red LED eyes have a setting for flash or constant on
    • Life-like movement
    • Deters birds
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  2. Kwik Tek 48 in. Deluxe Water Sports Flag F-48

    Kwik Tek 48 in. Deluxe Water Sports Flag F-48


    Water sports flags are required by law in AZ, CA, CO, ID, MO, NE, NM, OR, TX, UT and WA. AIRHEAD's new deluxe water sports flag is truly the "Cadillac" option. It's 4 feet long, that's twice as long as required by law in most states. The black shaft is manufactured from durable anodized aluminum. An EVA foam grip ensures a comfortable and secure hold. The oversized 420 denier nylon flag resists fading from the sun. Designed to fit perfectly inside AIRHEAD's new Wakeboard Tower and Bimini Top Flag Holders. It floats!

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  3. Spa/Kiddie Pool Vacuum 28008

    Spa/Kiddie Pool Vacuum 28008

    Regular Price: $21.99

    Special Price: $17.59

    The Spa and Kiddie Pool Vacuum Cleaner is great for above ground pools, wading pools, spas, ponds and waterfalls. No filter system required. Includes handle, however can be attached to a larger telescopic pole for large pool leaf clean up. Simply attach included bag by securing the draw string, attach a garden hose and slowly ease the vacuum back and forth over the area requiring cleaning. The force of the water from the hose creates a venturi action under the vacuum, drawing the dirty water into the filter bag, which will retain the dirt particles. Adjust water pressure to create proper venturi.
    • Uses Venturi suction to vacuum your pool with or without connecting to your pool's filter
    • Fits any standard telescopic pole
    • Includes reusable vacuum bag
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  4. Kwik Tek 4 K Tow Rope 57-1532

    Kwik Tek 4 K Tow Rope 57-1532


    4100-pound (1.86 Mg) break strength! This heavy-duty rope is perfect for towing any tube with up to 4 riders. Features a molded plastic caddy for easy storage. 60 Feet (18.3 meter) length.

    • Molded Plastic Caddy
    • 4100 Pound (1.86 Mg) Break Strength
    • Minimum Stretch Design

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  5. No Spill 2.5 Gallon Capacity Fuel Can 1405

    No Spill 2.5 Gallon Capacity Fuel Can 1405


    The button makes it easy.

    Our Slogan is true.  Simply press the button to pour.  It's intuitive.  This is the easiest gas can to use on th emarket - it's not even close.  A gas can should be easy to use.

    Don't overfill with Auto Stop.

    We used simple physics to develop a nozzle that automatically stops the fuel flow when the target tank is full. Just hold the button down. Simple.

    Don't wait so long.

    Our patented nozzles flow up to twice as fast as other nozzles. No gurgling or interrupted flow. When filling up large equipment how long do you want to hold a 40 lb. 5 gallon tank?

    Don't push around your equipment.

    We have the only can that lets you pour gas without touching the target tank. All other current nozzles require pushing against the tank to open their valve. This force can move or roll your equipment. Not good. Remember our valve is controlled by a button.

    See what you have.

    Double wide view stripes on both the front and back of our smaller cans. Now you know your fuel level from across the yard or garage. No guessing and no extra trips to the gas pump. Every gas can should have view stripes. No-Spill is the only can with them.

    Lasting power.

    Our cans have the thickest skins. A robust 70% thicker than most cans. This costs much more to make, but you get what you pay for.


    Three handles on each can. Finger handles on each nozzle, and a finger slot on the bottom of each can (rear handle on the 5 gal.). Your hands share the weight and are in a comfortable position to pour with accuracy. Our design makes it easier to hold. The top handle is for carrying.


    • Push-button pour control
    • Auto shutoff prevents overfilling
    • Extra fast flow rate
    • Made of heavy-duty, extra-thick polyethylene for long life
    • Wide, stable design is tough to tip over
    • 3 handles provide easy pouring
    • Large neck opening makes the can easy to fill
    • Double-wide front and back view stripes for at-a-glance fuel level assessment
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  6. Kwik Tek Closed Side Nylon Vest USCG Approved PFD - Youth 1001003ABLYW

    Kwik Tek Closed Side Nylon Vest USCG Approved PFD - Youth 1001003ABLYW



    • 3 Adjustable Belts
    • Closed Sided
    • Lightweight EPE Foam
    • Youth, 50-90 lbs.
    • USCG Approved type III
    • Youth Closed Side Nylon PFD, Blue
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  7. Kwik Tek DryPak 6X10 Clear Tablet Case DPT-610W

    Kwik Tek DryPak 6X10 Clear Tablet Case DPT-610W


    Listen to Music or movies with built-in Ear Phone Jack! 

    • 6 in. wide x 10 in. long
    • Clear heavy gauge vinyl
    • Designed to protect electronic touch pads and other tablets from the elements
    • View and operate touch pads and tablets through the case with ease!
    • White sealing clip for high visibility
    • Integrated female jack RF welded at the bottom
    • For paddling, boating, camping, hiking
    • Holds electronic touch pads, owners manuals, snacks, maps, etc.
    • Maximum circumference: 11 in.
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  8. Kwik Tek ATV Holds All Rack ATVR-1

    Kwik Tek ATV Holds All Rack ATVR-1


    The HOLDS ALL rack universally mounts to all ATV handlebars, tubular racks and flat composite racks. We call it the HOLDS ALL Rack, because it does just that, it holds just about anything including rifles, soft rifle cases, hard rifle cases, bows, fishing rods, small tools, large tools, chain saws, lumber, skis, you name it.

    Two 4 inch tall steel U-frames cradle are coated with thick rubber to cradle your gear. They can be easily bent by hand to custom fit just about anything. There's a thick rubber pad at the base for added protection.

    Once mounted, you can rotate them 360 degrees and adjust the height without tools, by simply loosening the wing nut. The two 1 in. wide x 9 in. long UV-resistant rubber straps stretch to 20" long and can be attached to the U-frame at 4 different heights. Mounting hardware and easy to understand directions are included. 1 pair / color box. Patented.

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  9. Attwood Clamp-on Bi-Color Light 14259-7

    Attwood Clamp-on Bi-Color Light 14259-7


    Features a krypton bulb that burns bright and lasts long. Constructed of rugged high-impact resin. Easy thumb switch operation. Clamp attachment for a variety of surface thicknesses.

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  10. Kwik Tek Airhead U-Lounge Zebra Inflatable Tube AHUL-2P

    Kwik Tek Airhead U-Lounge Zebra Inflatable Tube AHUL-2P


    Connect 2, 3, 4 or more of AIRHEAD’s zebra patterned U-LOUNGEs together for a lake or pool party! You and your friends will stay cool, no matter how hot the weather, floating in the comfortable mesh seat. Keep a cool drink close at hand in the molded cup holder. Quality built from heavy gauge PVC.

    • Color: Zebra
    • Dimensions: 44 in. x 32 in. x 12 in.
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