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Tarter 3' Fire Ring FR3

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Tarter 3' Fire Ring FR3

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  • Perfect for fire containment and safety at campsite
  • Keeps embers hot extending fire burn time
  • Tall design to accommodate more wood
  • Constructed from galvanized metal for extended rust free life
  • Measures 3’ diameter with smooth rolled top
  • 12" Tall
SKU 130712694
Model FR3
Weight 31.0000
Color No
Size No
Width N/A
In Store Only No
Price $39.97
Tarter, (hereafter known as “Manufacturer”) warrants to the original purchaser that the implement is free from defects in both material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of one (1) year for noncommercial use. Any use by commercial, state, and municipalities will void warranty. This warranty is limited to the replacement of any defective part by the Manufacturer and the installation by the dealer of any such replacement part, and does not cover common wear items such as blades, belts, tines, etc. Replacement or repair parts in the equipment covered by this limited warranty are warranted for 30 days from the date of purchase by the customer of such part or to the expiration of the applicable new equipment warranty period, whichever occurs first. Manufacturer reserves the right to inspect any implement or parts which are claimed to have been defective in either material or workmanship. This warranty shall not be interpreted to render the Manufacturer liable for damages of any kind, direct, consequential, or contingent to property. Furthermore, Manufacturer shall not be liable for damages resulting from any cause beyond its reasonable control. This Warranty does not extend to loss of crops, any expense or loss for labor, supplies, rental machinery, or for any other reason. This Warranty does not apply to any part or product which in the Manufacturer’s judgment shall have been misused or damaged by accident or lack of normal maintenance or care, or which has been used for purpose for which the product is not designed. Misuse also specifically includes failure to properly maintain oil levels, grease points, and driveline shafts. Claims under this Warranty must be made to an authorized Tarter dealer, and must be submitted within 30 days of failure. Manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in materials or design of the product at any time without notice. This Warranty is extended solely to the original purchaser of the product. Should the original purchaser sell or otherwise transfer this product to a third party, this Warranty does not transfer to the third party purchaser in any way. There are no third party beneficiaries of Warranty.

Customer Reviews

jealous Review by stacie s.

i bought the fire ring for my ranch, i entertain alot and thought this would add to the my outdoor decore, my friends and neighbors was all jealous of my ring they had to go buy one! it's not like the other fire rings ive before, those would over time burn and calapse over use..not my tarter fire ring

(Posted on 9/18/2013)

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Q & A

Questions on Tarter 3' Fire Ring FR3

  • From Harry Steele at 8/18/2013 10:22 AM
    • Q: Why are you selling a FIRE RING that is made from Galvanized metal????

      Do you not realize that fire and Galvanization do NOT MIX????? When subjected to fire/heat Galvanized metal gives off TOXIC FUMES!!!!!

      Are you BEGGING for lawsuits?
    • Show Answer
    • A: Hello Harry,
      Galvanized metal is steel or iron hot dipped into zinc. Galvanizing is a coating of zinc over steel. Like paint, zinc protects the steel from rusting by forming a barrier between the steel and the environment. It also provides an electrochemical protection of the steel. Since zinc is more electrochemically reactive than steel, it oxidizes to protect the steel near it. Even if scratched, the oxidized zinc protects the steel surface. Zinc melts at @950 F. and vaporizes @1650 F. When zinc vaporizes it reacts with the air to form zinc oxide. Zinc oxide is the substance that causes welders to experience metal fume fever, flue like symptoms, when they breathe in enough of the zinc oxide in a welding setting. Zinc is also an essential part to proper growth to plants and animals. When zinc oxide is breathed into the body, the body can absorb it and eliminate it with no long term health affects. There has been extensive research into the use of zinc for medicinal purposes as well as the health affects of zinc oxide.
      In a nutshell, burning wood in a galvanized ring should not present a major problem outdoors due to the open ventilation and the rapid mixture of the zinc oxide with the air. The fire can get hot enough to melt the zinc coating, but soon after the zinc is melted away, the ring will begin to rust as you will observe. If your fire rings are big enough and do not get hot enough to melt the zinc coating, the rings should last a long time. Zinc is not as toxic as most people think! I hope this answers your question. Have a nice day!
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