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Shop for outdoor power tools, carpenter tool belts, tool storage chests, arc welding equipment and more.

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  1. Hobart Champion Elite DC Welder/11,000 Watt AC Generator 500562

    Hobart Champion Elite DC Welder/11,000 Watt AC Generator 500562


    Designed to be a jobsite workhorse, the Hobart Champion ELITE combines an 11,000 watt generator with a DC welder for general construction and emergency power applications. It features a rugged, fully enclosed case which provides a protective barrier and lowers noise. All receptacles on the ELITE feature push-button reset circuit breakers. Auxiliary power while welding gives you the capability to run other equipment (lights, grinders) at the same time you are welding. With the quick set current control, it is easy to set up, provides smooth arc starts and maintains optimum arc characteristics. Cables sold separately. 


    • DC weld output for smooth arc performance and easy starts
    • Four 120 volt GFCI (20 amp), one 240V (50 amp) and one 120/240 volt (50 amp) receptacles with push-button reset circuit breakers
    • Auxiliary power while welding gives you the capability to run other equipment (lights, grinder) at the same time you are welding
    • Heavy-duty construction with 100% duty cycle, fully-enclosed engine design, large battery, rugged electrical connections and wiring
    • Just under 4 ft long and weighs less than competitive units
    • "No tools" oil change and standard hour meter to help maintain routine scheduled oil servicing
    • Quick set current control - easy to set up and start welding.
    • Auto-idle for greater fuel savings and reduced noise.
    • Kohler 23 HP gasoline engine, 3600 RPM
    • Fuel-efficient, low-maintenance, twin-cylinder, 4-cycle, overhead-valve
    • 12 gallon fuel tank for extended run time
    Processes: Stick (SMAW)

    Skill Level: Moderate 


    • Maintenance
    • Construction
    • Farm/Ranch
    • Rental
    • Home


    • Rated Output at 25V:
      • 225 A at 100% Duty Cycle 
    • Max. Open-Circuit Voltage: 80
    • Welding Amperage Range:
      • 40 - 225 A DC
    • Single-Phase Generator Power: 11,000 W (10 kVa/kW), 60 Hz, 120/240 Vac; 9500 watts continuous while not welding
    • Dimensions:
      • H: 28 in (711 mm)
      • W: 20 in (508 mm)
      • D: 41 in (1041 mm)
    • Net Weight: Kohler: 490 lb (222 kg)

    Customer would be required to pay for the liftgate service, if needed on the shipping costs.

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  2. Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor 10hp 120gal Vertical  2545K10-V

    Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor 10hp 120gal Vertical 2545K10-V

    • Tank - 120 Vertical
    • Max Pressure (psig) - 175
    • Normal Power (HP) - 10
    • Flow @ Max Pressure - 35.0 cfm
    • Dimensions - 51x46x83
    • Weight - 920 lbs
    • NPT Outlet - 1
    • Voltage/Engine - 200, 230, 460, 575-3-60
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  3. Generac 22kW Automatic Standby Generator 200ATS 6551

    Generac 22kW Automatic Standby Generator 200ATS 6551


    Guardian Series Pre-Packaged Kit Includes:

    • 22/19.5kW (LPG/NG) Generator
    • 200 Amp-NEMA/UL 3R Service Entrence Rated Automatic Transfer Switch
    • 12" Flexible Fuel Line Connector
    • Composite Mounting Pad
    • Fascia Base Wrap Kit

    Product Features:

    • Battery Requirement (*NOT INCLUDED*): (Group 26R, 12 Volts and 525 CCA Minimum) 
    • Generac OHVI® Engine- Generac’s OHVI® engine, specifically designed for generator use, provides the reliability to power through the most severe outages.
    • True Power™ Technology- Less than 5% total harmonic distortion for smooth operation of your sensitive electronics and appliances.
    • DPM Technology - Digital Power Management Technology allows for the smart control of two air conditioners without any additional items. 
    • Evolution™ Controller- Features a multilingual, two-line LCD text display with color-coded, backlit buttons.
    • Certified for 18"" Installation to the Home- Third-party certified to NFPA standards to be installed as close as 18” from the home’s exterior wall, provided it is located away from doors, windows, and fresh-air intakes, and unless otherwise directed by local codes.
    • Rated for Operation in Areas with Low Natural Gas Pressure 
    • This generator can operate on natural gas pressures as low as 3.5” of water column.
    • All-Weather Aluminum Enclosure- Our durable powder-coat finish helps make the sturdy, all-weather aluminum enclosure corrosion resistant. It’s also able to withstand 150 mph winds.
    • Quiet-Test™ Mode 
    • Thanks to Quiet-Test, weekly self-tests run at lower RPM’s for only five minutes. It’s quieter than other brands, and consumes less fuel. Choose your schedule - weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.
    • Mobile Link™ Compatible
    • Take advantage of Generac’s Mobile Link cellular remote monitoring system and check on your generator’s status using your computer or smart phone. Sold separately.
    • 5-year Limited Warranty
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  4. Pramac S Series Honda Gasoline 14000 Watt Generator PD123MHBZ04

    Pramac S Series Honda Gasoline 14000 Watt Generator PD123MHBZ04


    The S Series is designed with the professional in mind. It has all the features needed and expected to meet the requirement of the most demanding applications.

    • Power (LTP): 14 kW
    • Voltage: 120, 240 V
    • Frequency: 60 Hz
    • Engine manufacturer: Honda
    • Fuel type: Gasoline
    • Starting system: Electric
    • Fuel tank capacity: 8,00 gal
    • Running time at 50% of load: 6,5 h

    More Specs: Click Here to View the PDF

    100% Made in the United States

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  5. Generac Air-Cooled Standby Generator 11kW 6437

    Generac Air-Cooled Standby Generator 11kW 6437


    11 kW Air-Cooled Standby Generator

    The NEW Guardian 11 kW standby generator provides the cleanest and most affordable pre-wired, pre-packaged power protection for its size. It comes standard with a 10 circuit automatic transfer switch that protects critical circuits in your home. For extra convenience, this model has a digital control panel, external main circuit breaker and system status LED.

    Convenient, Hands-Free Operation

    No fueling. No manual start. No extension cords. Runs on natural gas or liquid propane

    Clean, Smooth Power

    True Power™ Technology provides safe operation of sensitive electronics

    Powerful Output

    Increased output for more protection, includes automatic transfer switch with 10 circuits protected (NEMA 1, indoor rated only)

    Ultra Quiet

    Features 1/3 the sound level of a portable generator

    Confident Operation

    Automatic weekly exercise ensures protective response

    Easiest Installation

    Includes 30 ft., 5 ft. & 2 ft. pre-wired conduits, outdoor connection box, flexible fuel line pigtail and composite mounting pad

    Generac OHVI® Industrial Engine

    The only air-cooled engine designed specifically for generators

    • Long-run, long-life design: Over 3,000 hours of run time
    • High-torque design: Responds instantly to large electrical loads
    • Low-maintenance: 2 year, 200 hour service intervals


    Protective Enclosure
    Galvanized steel and tough paint finish for unmatched durability

    UL Listed for safety and certified power ratings

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  6. Quincy 120 Gallon Vertical Tank Reciprocating Air Compressor (10 HP 208Volt 3 Phase) P2103DS12VCB20

    Quincy 120 Gallon Vertical Tank Reciprocating Air Compressor (10 HP 208Volt 3 Phase) P2103DS12VCB20


    Product Description

    Product Features

    Quincy reciprocating air compressors are designed to be a compressor for life. They produce more compressed air at a lower horsepower and run at a lower RPM, which makes them more efficiency and have lower operating costs. Heavy-duty compressors are engineered for industrial applications and boast a best-in-the-industry 50,000-hour pump life rating. 

    • 2-stage belt drive pump with solid cast iron cylinder
    • Finned intercooler for maximum cooling and increased valve life
    • Aluminum head for heat dissipation
    • Extra-capacity oil reservoir for low oil temperatures
    • 100% duty cycle
    • Splash lubrication
    • 145–175 working PSI

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  7. 50,000KW Rural King PTO Generator

    50,000KW Rural King PTO Generator



    • Frequency(HZ): 60
    • Speed(RPM): 1800
    • Voltage: 120/208
    • Power Factor: 0.8
    • Rated Output: 50KW
    • Phase: Three Phase
    • Input speed of PTO shaft: 1000 RPM
    • Spline of PTO shaft: 1-3/8 Spline, 6-Sline
    • Power model of PTO shaft: 25HP-120HP Tractor
    • Gross weight of entire unit: 947 LBS
    • Hookup Type: 3-point Tractor
    • Amps: 173A
    • Surge Watts: 55KW
    • Outlets: 1XGFCI outlet, 2X120V outlet ,2X208/120V,32A outlet, 1X208/120V,63A outlet, 1xDC12V outlet
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  8. Briggs & Stratton Vortec 1800 RPM 60kW Automatic Standby Generator 76160

    Briggs & Stratton Vortec 1800 RPM 60kW Automatic Standby Generator 76160


    Designed to handle the needs of the largest high-tech luxury homes, the liquid cooled 60kW standby generator system can power it all — no problem. Its commercial-grade GM Vortec engine provides reliable backup power so your family has year-round peace of mind. Plus, it's all backed by the best warranty in the industry: 4-year limited parts and labor.

    Product Features:

    • More fuel efficient than 3,600 RPM engines, commercial standby generators feature a GM Vortec 1,800 RPM engine
    • This home standby generator is available for sale in all 50 states
    • Automatically starts up during power loss
    • This backup generator has a 4 year limited parts and labor warranty
    • Galvanneal provides years of rust proof, outdoor protection for your standby generator
    • Commercial-grade backup generators bring professional performance to your home
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  9. BE Pressure, 24HP Honda Belt Pressure Washer, PE-5024HWEBCOM

    BE Pressure, 24HP Honda Belt Pressure Washer, PE-5024HWEBCOM


    Product Features

    • 3000 PSI Max Pressure
    • 8.0 GPM Max Flow
    • Powered by a commercial-grade 24HP Honda GX690 Electric Start engine with oil alert.
    • Durable powder coated roll cage frame with bolt on pneumatic tires and wheel brake.

    Product Specifications

    • Engine: 24 Honda GX690
    • PSI: 3000
    • GPM: 8.0
    • Pump: General TS1819
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  10. Briggs & Stratton 12kW 200 Amp Symphony II Automatic Standby Generator 40400

    Briggs & Stratton 12kW 200 Amp Symphony II Automatic Standby Generator 40400


    If your family is looking for a standby generator that can power more than just the essentials — the 12kW standby generator system is the perfect solution for you.

    Equipped with new, patented Symphony® II Power Management technology and designed for 5,000 to 8,000 square-foot homes, the 12kW system automatically manages your home's power needs, including up to two 4-ton AC units, to give you whole-house power with a smaller, more affordable generator.

    The Symphony® II 200 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch features patented Power Management technology that is new to the Briggs & Stratton residential generator product line. This one of a kind Power Management allows you to personalize your backup power. You choose up to 8 higher power need  appliances (A/C, electric dryer, etc.) that your family will want to have available during a power outage, and prioritize them by the importance of each.

    While powering all of your essential appliances (lights, TV, refrigerator, etc.) our patented Symphony® II Power Management system will measure your generator's power output and based on your priorities, the generator automatically turns each higher power need  appliance on or off as capacity becomes available.

    For homes requiring 200-amp service, the 200-amp automatic transfer switch ensures the home transitions to backup power quickly and easily. Now with Symphony® II power management technology, your family can prioritize which electrical loads to power when. Now so you can power more of your home's lights and appliances with a smaller, more affordable generator.

    Product Features:

    • Includes Symphony II 200-Amp automatic transfer switch
    • Closer placement options for ease of installation per the National Fire Protection Agency 37 standard
    • Automatically sends back up power to your home in seconds after sensing a power outage
    • Durable home generator enclosures are made from the same rust-resistant, Galvanneal steel that is used in the automotive industry
    • Dependable engine power from commercial-grade Briggs & Stratton engines
    • Comprehensive generator warranty
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