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Shop for outdoor power tools, carpenter tool belts, tool storage chests, arc welding equipment and more.

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  1. Hobart Welder Autoarc 130 Value Pack Kit 500550

    Hobart Welder Autoarc 130 Value Pack Kit 500550


    The Auto Arc 130 operates off 115 volt standard household current. It comes ready to weld with or without shielding gas using .023-.035 solid wire or .030-.035 flux cored wire. The 500550 Auto Arc 130 Package a welding cart, welding helmet and fixed flow MIG regulator kit. With an amperage output range of 30 - 130, it easily handles a broad selection of solid mild steel or stainless, flux cored and aluminum wires.

    • Bonus Kit Includes: Welding cart with cylinder rack (Hobart # 194776), welding helmet (Hobart # 770286) and fixed flow regulator kit with gas hose (Hobart # 770657).
    • 8 ft. (2.4 m) H-9B MIG welding gun with liner for .023 - .035 wire
    • Built-in gas valve
    • Power cord with plug
    • Work cable with clamp
    • Sample spool of .030 in. (0.8 mm) self-shielded flux cored welding wire
    • Extra .030 in. (0.8 mm) contact tips
    • Weld Set-up Door Chart
    • Owner’s Manual with parts list, installation, operation maintenance and wire welding guidelines

    • Welds 22 gauge up to 3/16 inch steel
    • Proven built-in wire feeder with quick-release drive roll lever
    • Built-in contactor eases use and is an excellent safety feature which makes wire electrically "cold" when not welding.
    • Four output voltage settings with wire feed tracking provide quick and easy adjustment for different materials and thickness.
    • Dual groove drive rolls make it easy to switch between .023/.025 in. (0.6 mm) and .030 - .035 in. (0.8 - 0.9 mm) wire
    • Self-resetting thermal overload and motor protection

    • Rated Output at 20% Duty: 85A @ 17.5 VDC
    • Cycle: 51A @ 21VDC (CSA Rating)
    • Current Range: 30 - 130 Amps
    • Max Open Circuit Voltage: 27 Volts
    • Wire Feed Speed Range w/o load: 0 - 500 Inches per Minute
    • Amps Input @ 115V: 20 (15 is CSA rating)

    Welder Dimensions
    • Height: 16-7/8"
    • Width: 9-7/8"
    • Depth: 12-1/8"
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  2. Milwaukee M18 Impact Wrench 1/2" 2663-22

    Milwaukee M18 Impact Wrench 1/2" 2663-22


    The M18™ Cordless 1/2" High Torque Impact Wrenches provide industry leading power in a compact size. Built with a Milwaukee® 4-pole motor and a powerful impact mechanism, the 2662-22 and 2663-22 deliver 450 ft-lbs of torque. A variable speed trigger provides speed control between 0-1900 RPM & 0-2200 IPM. The 2662-22 has a 1/2” anvil with decent pin to achieve superior socket retention, while the 2663-22 has a 1/2”anvil with friction ring for quick and easy one-handed socket changes.


    • Milwaukee® Designed Impact Mechanism: Delivers 450 ft- lbs of torque
    • Compact Size Light Weight: 8-7/8” Length and 6.7 lbs
    • Milwaukee® 4-Pole Frameless Motor: Delivers maximum run-time
    • 1/2” Anvil w/Friction Ring: Provides quick and easy, one-handed socket changes
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  3. Delta, 98-Gallon Short-Bed L-Shaped Steel Liquid Transfer Tank (Black), 498002

    Delta, 98-Gallon Short-Bed L-Shaped Steel Liquid Transfer Tank (Black), 498002


    Product Description

    Delta Steel Transfer tanks are designed for the toughest conditions. Made of heavy-duty .125 tread plate aluminum, the tanks have internal baffles for reinforcing and controlling the flow of the contents when moving. All tanks are pressure tested for leaks.

    Product Features

    • Internal baffles add extra strength and control the flow of the contents when moving.
    • 2-in reinforced bungs allow convenient use from either side.
    • Filter system recommended.
    • Built-in lifting rings to assist with lifting and moving an empty tank.
    • Lockable filler cap and coupler prevent excessive pressure build up.
    • Heavy-duty brackets to secure the tank to the truck bed.
    • All brackets must be bolted to the truck bed.
    • Safety Fill Capacity: 98 Gallons
    • Maximum Fill Capacity: 106 Gallons
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  4. Reliance Controls Transfer Switch 50A 10 Circuit Q-Series Q510C

    Reliance Controls Transfer Switch 50A 10 Circuit Q-Series Q510C


    The Pro/Tran Q Seriesfeatures 1-inch interchangeable circuit breakers. A 30A double-pole circuit breaker and a 20A double-pole circuit breaker, to handle heavier loads on the generator side, are included on each model. The balance of the circuit breakers are single-pole 15A.

    The 15A circuits in the transfer switch may be connected to 15A or 20A circuits in the load center. Circuits are limited to 15A only on the generator side of the switch. Circuit breakers in the transfer switch are easily replaced. The spaces containing the 30A and 20A double-pole circuits may be replaced with 15 or 20A single-pole breakers if desired.

    All models are suitable for hardwire connection. Cord connection is facilitated with the optional flanged inlets for direct connection to the transfer switch or the PB Series power inlet box for remote connection.

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  5. UWS TBSM-96 Side Mount Series Single Lid Tool Box-Aluminum

    UWS TBSM-96 Side Mount Series Single Lid Tool Box-Aluminum


    Side Mount Series; Single Lid Tool Box; L 96 in. x W 11.25 in. x H 11 in. Fully Foamed Lid Prevents Bending/Warping. Stainless Steel Lock Handles For Strength/Security. Aluminum Lid Supports Heavy Loads. Self Closing Struts Automatically Close. MicroSeal+ Stripping Seals Out Moisture. Lid Opens 90 Degree For Easy Loading. 3 Compartment Sliding Tray. 2 Built In Tool Trays.

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  6. Weather Guard 51" E-Z Cube - Full Size Van 9452-3-01

    Weather Guard 51" E-Z Cube - Full Size Van 9452-3-01


    Providing a heavy-duty van storage solution, our fully arc-welded shelving units are pre-assembled and ready to install, providing a heavy-duty storage solution. The tapered end panels allow the unit to sit snugly against the wall for maximum floor space. Constructed of 12, 17, 18 and 20-gauge steel, these shelves are finished with our signature bright white powder coat for a durable, professional-looking appearance.

    • Fully Arc Welded for durable construction and no assembly.
    • Tapered end panel design allows a close fit to the van wall and additional cargo space in the middle of the van.
    • Hemmed shelves provide extra strength and a lip in front of the shelf for load retention.
    • Bottom shelf is Pre-punched for E-Z installation of accessory
    • Middle two shelves are pre-punched for E-Z Bin Dividers.
    • Bottom retainer lip is made of 12-gauge steel and is prepunched for the E-Z attachment of accessory shelf door

    Dimensions: 51" L

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  7. Metal Man Dual Bottle Welding Cabinet DWC2

    Metal Man Dual Bottle Welding Cabinet DWC2


    DWC2 - Dual Bottle Deluxe Welding Cabinet

    The Metal Man Dual Bottle Deluxe Welding Cabinet is an all-inone solution when you have two welders or require two bottles of welding gas. Designed for welder(s) to sit on top of cabinet, and a 6-1/2in. Dual gas cylinder configuration, it makes maneuvering a snap. It includes 4 drawers on ball bearing slides and of varying sizes that provide convenient storage for helmet, hammer, brush and other welding accessories. The keyed cabinet provides additional storage with internal shelves and storage bins on the door. Two cable holders help keep all your cables organized.

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  8. Delta PRO PSC1460002 Steel Gull Wing Lid Fullsize Crossover - Black

    Delta PRO PSC1460002 Steel Gull Wing Lid Fullsize Crossover - Black


    Delta PRO Single Lid and Dual Lid Steel Crossovers provide superior security for tools and equipment. The combination of our Gear-Lock System, reinforced lids, and our high-strength body will resist up to 1,000 pounds of prying force to break in.

    • Gear-Lock self-adjusting dual rotary locking system always latches and closes for superior security
    • Self-aligning latch pin pivots from side-to-side to engage with the Gear-Lock System; no adjustments required
    • High-strength, self-rising lids will resist attempted break-ins better than other steel lids High-strength body resists cargo damage and protects the lock system
    • End-mounted push buttons provide easy access; lid locks and unlocks from either side for security and safety
    • Heavy-duty guards on single lid models protect the vertical-action gas spring lid lifts and help ensure long-term durability
    • Built-in storage bin on both ends and 4-compartment sliding tray for convenient hand tool and small item storage
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  9. Delta PRO 48-in Long Steel Trailer Tongue Box - Black 423002

    Delta PRO 48-in Long Steel Trailer Tongue Box - Black 423002



    • Rugged construction and beveled edge lid for greater strength and security; steel models made of heavy 16-gauge steel
    • Offset gas spring lid lift allows easier access for loading and unloading from the driver's side
    • Fully-adjustable lid striker helps maintain a tight, moisture-resistant seal between the lid and body
    • Leak-proof stainless steel paddle handles prevent moisture from getting inside
    • Full weather stripping seals out moisture and dust
    • Steel models have Armor-Brite white or diamond black finish
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  10. Delta Pro, 44" Aluminum Topside Toolbox (Bright), 570000

    Delta Pro, 44" Aluminum Topside Toolbox (Bright), 570000


    Product Description

    JOBOX Topside Boxes include High-Capacity models with larger storage capacity.

    Topside Boxes mount on top of the bed side rails or walls.

    They are ideal for storing longer tools and will keep the bed free for storing bulky equipment or materials. They can be used individually or in pairs.

    Measure the length of your truck’s side rails or walls to determine the length of Topside Box you can install on your truck.

    Topside Boxes come with support legs and mounting hardware.

    Product Features

    • Three-point locking system engages three sides for superior strength.
    • Rotating T-handles ensures a tight seal when closing doors.
    • Steel support legs are pre-drilled for height adjustments.
    • Optional steel storage shelf provides additional storage for smaller items.
    • Drop down door creates superior access, strength, and safety.
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