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Power Tools & Accessories

Power Tools & Accessories

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  1. Milwaukee 12 Amp Sawzall Reciprocating Saw Kit 6509-31

    Milwaukee 12 Amp Sawzall Reciprocating Saw Kit 6509-31


    The 6509-31 Sawzall® Recip Saw delivers best in class cut speed, durability and power with 0-3,000 strokes per minute, a 3/4” stroke length and a 12 Amp motor. The gear protecting clutch extends gear and motor life by absorbing high impact forces and a QUIK-LOK® blade clamp offers fast tool-free blade changes. To provide greater user comfort, a counter weighted mechanism reduces vibration for smoother operation and a redesigned front grip area provides best in class ergonomics.


    • Sawzall® Recip Saw
    • Carrying Case


    • Powerful12 Amp Motor: Delivers 0-3,000 SPM for high performance cutting in a variety of materials
    • 3/4" Stroke Length: Provides maximum cut control
    • Gear Protecting Clutch: Extends gear and motor life by absorbing high impact forces caused by blade lock-ups
    • Counter Weighted Mechanism: Provides reduced vibration for smoother operation
    • QUIK-LOK™ Blade Clamp: Provides fast , tool-free blade changes


    Length 19"
    Voltage 120V AC
    Tool Warranty 5 Years
    Amps 12
    Keyless Blade Clamp  Yes
    Stroke Length 3/4"
    SPM 0-3,000
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  2. Milwaukee 8" 13 Amp Metal Cutting Circular Saw Kit 6370-21

    Milwaukee 8" 13 Amp Metal Cutting Circular Saw Kit 6370-21


    Milwaukee's 8" Metal Cutting Circular Saw delivers faster, cooler, cleaner, more affordable metal cutting. Forget the showers of hot metal chips and sparks that were once an aerial threat on metal construction jobsites. The 6370 shears the metal, producing a virtually spark-free wake and cool, burr and scorch-free edges that don't require post-cut finishing. Cool cut waste, in the form of metal shavings, is effectively contained with a durable magnesium blade shield and channeled into the saw's integral ChipTank. Cool cutting also means that materials can be handled almost immediately following a cut, reducing downtime.

    Driven by a powerful, 13 amp (1-3/4 max HP), 3,700 RPM motor and equipped with a full grill of razor-sharp, cermet-tip teeth, the 6370 tears through tough cuts without hesitation. Count on up to 10 gauge sheets and 1/4 in. steel plate cuts, all day, every day. More extreme cuts, even up to 3/4 in. steel plate, are possible when proper operating techniques are used.

    To keep on target, the new 6370 features a set of on-board sight-line and blade point-of-entry indicators along with a slot in the saw's shoe for a rip fence. It is also the first and only corded metal cutting saw to feature a lower guard retraction lever. Plunge cuts, a frequent challenge for metal roofing contractors, are fast and furious with this exciting new tool. The lever's location, adjacent to the side handle, ensures that the user has both hands firmly on the saw throughout the cut.


    • (1) 8" Metal Cutting Saw Kit (6370-21)
    • (1) Blade Wrench
    • (1) Carrying Case
    • (1) Circular Saw Blade


    • Dry-cut technology provides faster, cleaner, more affordable metal cutting
    • Durable blade shield with integral chiptank deflects/collects hot chips and sparks
    • Plunge lever for fast, effective plunge cuts
    • Exclusive quick-release shield latch for fast waste disposal and blade changes
    • 2-9/16 in. cut depth for one-pass cuts through most common materials
    • Powerful 13.0 amp, 3,700 rpm motor
    • Premium cermet-tipped blades cut faster, cleaner, and longer than other carbide-tipped or friction blades


    • Voltage: 120 AC
    • Amps: 13.0
    • No Load RPM: 3,700
    • Blade Size: 8"
    • Arbor Size: 5/8"
    • Capacity at 90°: 2-9/16"
    • Spindle: 5/8"
    • Metal/Wood Cutting: Metal
    • Spindle Lock: Yes
    • Soft Grip Handle: Yes
    • Adjustable Handle: No
    • Blade Position: Right
    • Depth of Cut at 90°: 2-9/16"
    • Electric Brake: No
    • Cord Type: 15 ft. Fixed
    • Construction Type: Grounded
    • Length: 16-1/2"
    • Tool Weight: 13.3 lbs
    • Shipping Weight: 21.8 lbs
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  3. Milwaukee Tools 15/32" Thunderbolt Black Oxide Drill Bit 48-89-2736

    Milwaukee Tools 15/32" Thunderbolt Black Oxide Drill Bit 48-89-2736


    Milwaukee® Thunderbolt® Black Oxide Jobber length drill bits are designed for extreme durability and long life. The Thunderbolt® web features a thicker core than a standard drill bit, which provides ultimate strength and protects against side-load breakage. A specially designed parabolic flute form clears chips and debris fast to keep the bit cool. A precision start, 135 Split Point tip starts on contact to keep the bit from walking for fast accurate holes. Excellent for drilling on curved surfaces, requires less effort to drill and is highly recommended for use with portable drills. The 3-Flat Secure-Grip shank won't slip in the drill chuck. Reduced shank diameter for use in 3/8" chucks.


    • Thunderbolt® Web, Provides Longer Life and Faster Driller Times
    • Parabolic Flute, Clears Chips Faster
    • 135° degree Split Point, Precision Start No Walking
    • 3-Flat Secure Grip Shank, Reduces Bit Slipping in Chuck
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  4. DeWalt 20V MAX Li-Ion Drill & Impact , DCK280C2

    DeWalt 20V MAX Li-Ion Drill & Impact , DCK280C2

    Product Feature
    • DCD780 1/2" Drill/Driver
    • DCF885 1/4" Impact Driver
    • (2) 20V MAX* Lithium Ion 1.5 Ah Battery Packs
    • Fast Charger
    • (2) Belt Hooks
    • Bit Holder
    • Contractor Bag
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  5. Irwin Screw Extractor Set Straight - 5 Piece Set 53635

    Irwin Screw Extractor Set Straight - 5 Piece Set 53635

    • Drill Bits. Sizes 1 thru 5
    • Straight tapered flute will not expand piece being removed
    • Correct size drill bit is engrave on the side of each extractor
    • Use with tap wrench
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  6. Irwin Drill Bit 17/32 X 1/2 Shank 91134

    Irwin Drill Bit 17/32 X 1/2 Shank 91134

    • Bit is constructed of M-7 high speed steel for high resistance to abrasion during tough drilling applications
    • Three-flatted shank design provides better chuck grip and reduces slippage.
    • Ideal for use in keyless chucks
    • All Silver & Deming bits are 6" long and feature a 1/2" reduced shank that fits all 1/2" drills
    • Standard 118 degree point for use in wood, metal, and plastic
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  7. Milwaukee 8 Piece General Purpose Hole Dozer Hole Saw Kit 49-22-4005

    Milwaukee 8 Piece General Purpose Hole Dozer Hole Saw Kit 49-22-4005

    Milwaukee Ice Hardened products utilize a proprietary cryogenic hardening process that improves upon traditional heat treat processes. Unlike surface coatings that wear away, cryogenics harden to the core by minimizing soft metal (austenite) and creating more hard metal (martensite).

    The result is a product that is more consistently hard throughout, resulting in life up to 50% longer than the competition. The Milwaukee 8-Piece Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kit features durable bits made with 8% cobalt and cryogenically treated for a long service life. A case is conveniently included for organization and transport.

    • Bits mount to chucks with a minimum size of 3/8 in.
    • Bi-metal construction with 8% cobalt composition for increased wear resistance
    • Cryogenically treated for up to 50% longer life
    • Optimized tooth form for fast cutting
    • Wide, angled- and offset slots for easy plug access
    • Includes 3/4 in.-, 7/8 in.-, 1 in.-, 1-1/8 in.- and 1-1/2 in. hole-saw bits
    • Case included
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  8. Milwaukee M18 Compact 1/2" Hammer Drill/Driver 2607-20

    Milwaukee M18 Compact 1/2" Hammer Drill/Driver 2607-20


    The most Compact Hammer Drill/Driver in its class is more powerful than the competition. Built with a Milwaukee® 4-Pole frameless motor, the M18™ Compact 1/2" Hammer Drill/Driver delivers 500 in-lbs of torque and up to 1,800 RPM. At only 7-3/4" length, this drill driver allows you access to the tightest work spaces. An all-metal gear case and 1/2" metal chuck provide maximum durability, even on the most challenging jobsites. REDLINK™ Intelligence provides advanced protection in abusive situations and manages the tool's temperature to provide maximum life.


    • (1) M18™ Compact 1/2" Hammer Drill/Driver (2607-20)


    • Milwaukee® 4-Pole Frameless Motor: Features a robust design combined with rare-earth magnets for longer life, best-in-class 500 in-lbs of torque and 0-400/01,800 RPM
    • Compact Design: Allows greater accessibility in tight work spaces
    • All-Metal Gear Case and Chuck: Provide maximum impact and shock durability
    • REDLINK™ Intelligence: Advanced overload protects the tool against abusive situations and provides maximum life


    Voltage 18V
    Length 7-3/4"
    Height 7-3/5"
    Weight 3 lbs
    LED Light Yes
    Peak Torque 500 in-lbs
    Chuck Type 1/2" Metal Single Sleeve - Ratcheting Lock   
    Package Type    Tool Only (No Battery or Charger Included) 
    Speed 0-400/ 0-1,800 RPM
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  9. Irwin Drill Bit Set 29pc Black/Gold 3018005

    Irwin Drill Bit Set 29pc Black/Gold 3018005

    • Oxide treatment resists corrosion, helps prevent bit from rusting
    • Turbomax tip starts up to 10x faster
    • Flatted shanks above 11/64" eliminates slippage in drill chuck
    • Reduced shank above 3/8" allows the use of larger drill bits in a 3/8" chuck
    • Rubber overmolded case protects kit if dropped
    • Tap & Drill selection chart for convenient reference.
    • Automatic indexing for easy bit access and identification
    • Removable cartridges: easy to carry bits from case to worksite
    • Sizes include 1/16" to 1/2" in 1/64" increments
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  10. Dremel Super Accessory Kit 709-01

    Dremel Super Accessory Kit 709-01


    Product Description

    This kit contains 110 Genuine Dremel accessories to accomplish most any job. This versatile and re-usable accessory kit includes everything you need to cut, grind, sand, polish, drill, sharpen, clean and more.

    Accessories in the Kit

    • 540 1-1/4" Cut-Off Wheel
    • 428 3/4" Carbon Steel Brush
    • 421 Polishing Compound
    • 429 1" Felt Polishing Wheel (4)
    • 83142 Silicon Carbide Grinding Stone
    • 191 High-Speed Cutter
    • 407 1/2" 60 Grit Sanding Drum with Mandrel
    • 430 1/4" 60 Grit Sanding Band with Mandrel
    • 402 Mandrel
    • 90962 Wrench
    • 953 Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone
    • 84922 Silicon Carbide Grinding Stone
    • 952 Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone
    • 409 15/16" Emery Cut-Off Wheel (12)
    • 420 15/16" Heavy Duty Emery Cut-Off Wheel (12)
    • 426 1-1/4" Fiberglass-Reinforced Cut-Off Wheel
    • 414 Small Felt Wheel (4)
    • 422 Cone Polishing Tip
    • 408 1/2" 60 Grit Sanding Band (6)
    • 411 3/4" Sanding Disc, 180 grit (12)
    • 412 3/4" Sanding Disc, 220 Grit (12)
    • 413 3/4" Sanding Disc, 240 Grit (12)
    • 431 1/4" 60 Grit Sanding Band (6)
    • 432 1/2" 120 Grit Sanding Band (6)
    • 438 1/4" 120 Grit Sanding Band (6)
    • 401 Mandrel
    • 415 Dressing Stone
    • 405 Bristle Brush
    • 511E 180 Grit Abrasive Buff
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