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  1. Metal Man 115V Flux Core Wire Welder FC125

    Metal Man 115V Flux Core Wire Welder FC125


    The Metal Man FC125 is a 115V flux core only wire feed welder that is designed to be economical and easy to use. It is capable of welding steel up to 3/16 of an inch in a single pass using either .030 or .035 flux core wire. The cooling fan and thermal overload protection help prevent overheating.

    The attached 6 foot flux core gun and ground cable with clamp make this machine portable and ready to weld out of the box.

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  2. Hobart AC/DC Stickmate LX 235 Welder 500421

    Hobart AC/DC Stickmate LX 235 Welder 500421


    Choose between AC or DC output to expand your welding options. The LX 235 AC/160 DC has a maximum of 235 AC and 160 DC weld output. Smooth DC weld performance with easy arc starts is easily adjusted with the Accu-Set™ infinite amperage control. Weld time also increases up to 100% with decreased output, with the Accu-Set™ infinite amperage control.


    • Accu-Set™ amperage indicator for accurately controlling amperage or heat output
    • Infinite current control allows the operator to adjust output by as little as 1-amp increments
    • Output selector switch to quickly select low or high range without adjusting the output leads
    • High 100% duty cycle rating (100 amps AC / 65 amps DC)
    • Fully varnished magnetic coils for enhanced coil reliability and life
    • Forced-draft cooling fan runs continuously and helps to extend the life of the power source
    • Replaceable weld cables
    • Process: AC Stick / DC Stick
    • Welding Amperage AC: 30 - 235 A AC
    • Welding Amperage DC: 30 - 160 A DC
    • Input voltage: 230 VAC
    • Weld thickness: 1/2 in AC, 1/4 in DC
    • Duty Cycle: 20% @ 225 A AC, 100% @ 100 A AC
    • 20% @ 150 A DC, 100% @ 60 A DC
    • Cable length: 15 ft Electrode Cable with Holder 10 ft Work Cable with Clamp
    • Amperage Adjustments: 1 A Increments
    • Range Selection: High/Low AC DCEN/DCEP
    • electrodes: 1/16 in - 5/32 in
    • Warranty: 5/3/1 Industrial Use
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  3. Campbell Hausfeld Wheel/Handle Kit For GW4500 Welder-GW0031

    Campbell Hausfeld Wheel/Handle Kit For GW4500 Welder-GW0031


    Campbell Hausfeld GW003100AJ Wheel / Handle Kit for GW450001AC

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  4. Hobart Welder Ironman 230 Mig 500536

    Hobart Welder Ironman 230 Mig 500536


    The IronMan™ 230 is a total redesign of the full-size MIG platform, outperforming the competition on arc quality, voltage control, duty cycle and value. It delivers 30-250 amps of pure power in a heavy duty cabinet. The arc of the new IronMan™ 230 is optimized to deliver a flawless weld, making spatter and post-weld cleanup almost non-existent. The IronMan™ 230 easily runs aluminum – just add the optional Hobart DP-3545-20 spool gun and you’re ready to weld aluminum from 18 gauge to 1/2".

    For improved feedability with aluminum wires or for extended reach with other wires add the Hobart 3545-20 spool gun with its 20 ft. cable length.


    • Welds 24 gauge up to 1/2 inch material in a single pass
    • Excellent aluminum welding with optional Hobart DP-3545-20 spool gun, also provides extended reach with other wires
    • Twelve-tap voltage control allows for a smooth easy-to-control arc
    • Infinite wire feed speed control for precise adjustment of penetration and weld bead shape
    • Comes complete with 200 amp gun and built-in running gear/cylinder rack
    • Unique spool hub makes changing from 2, 10, 33 and 45 lb. wires spools a snap with a tool-less brake tension knob and automatic wire alignment
    • Built-in thermal overload protects the unit
    • Reversible drive rolls: two grooves for two wire sizes on one drive roll. Decreases spare parts and changeover time
    • Hinged door for easy access to wire drive system for spool and drive roll changes
    • Aluminum wire drive system delivers 0 – 700 IPM wire feed speed

    Comes with:

    • 15 ft. (4.6 m), 200 amp MIG gun
    • Regulator/flowmeter
    • 5 ft. (1.5 m) gas hose with fitting
    • 10 ft. (3 m) primary input cable with plug
    • 10 ft. (3 m) work cable with clamp
    • .030/.035 in. dual groove drive roll
    • Extra contact tips
    • Built-in running gear/cylinder rack
    • Weld set-up and parts information chart

    Material Thickness: Welds 24 gauge up to 1/2 inch


    • Maintenance
    • Construction
    • Auto Body
    • Farm/Ranch
    • Rental
    • Home


    • Rated Output at 60% Duty Cycle: 175 A at 25.5 VDC
    • Current Range: 30 - 250 A
    • Max. Open-Circuit Voltage: 35 V
    • Wire Feed Speed Range: 0 - 700 IPM
    • Amps Input at Rated Load, 60 Hz:
      • 200 V - 37
      • 230 V - 32.5
      • kVA - 7.4
      • kW - 6.3
    • Dimensions:
      • H: 31 ½ in. (800 mm)
      • W: 18 7/8 in (479 mm)
      • D: 36 1/2 in (927 mm)
    • Net Weight: 185 lb (84 kg)
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  5. Campbell Hausfeld 230V Professional MIG / Flux Welder - WG4130

    Campbell Hausfeld 230V Professional MIG / Flux Welder - WG4130


    The Campbell Hausfeld Pro-180 230V Mig/flux Welder can be used for all types of metal fabrication. 230V MIG-ready wire welder. 5 heat settings for precise adjustment to the thickness of your metal. Professional cold torch with trigger activated arc allows precise weld placement, and the quick-connect adapter makes it easy to replace. 180 Amp maximum output allows for weld sizes 24-gauge to 5/16-Inch. Wire feed has speed tracking and extra large capacitor that maintains a continuous wire flow and smoother weld arc, making it better for aluminum. Thermal overload protection automatically shuts off to avoid overheating. Dual gauge regulator and hose are included, allowing tank pressure to be read, while also reading the pressure flow through the unit.


    • Heavy feed with heavy-duty drive-deck
    • 5 heat settings
    • Professional grade torch
    • 230V mig-ready wire welder


    • Dual gauges
    • Flux wire spool
    • 2 easy connect tips
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  6. Metal Man Three Tier Welding Cart TTWC1

    Metal Man Three Tier Welding Cart TTWC1


    TTWC1 - Triple Tier Welding Cart

    The Metal Man Three-Tier Welding cart puts the welder controls at a comfortable working height and has storage shelves for all your tools and accessories. The single cylinder rack is capable of holding up to a 6-1/2 inch diameter cylinder and comes with two securement chains to hold the cylinder in place. The slanted top shelf accommodates most brands of welding equipment and places the welder controls at an easy to use angle.


    • Top Shelf = 11 x 17
    • Middle Shelf = 11 x 15
    • Bottom Shelf = 11 x 17 plus 10 x 11 tray for the bottle
    • Clearance between the Bottom Shelf and the Middle Shelf is 12 inches
    • Clearance between the Middle Shelf and the Top Shelf Starts at 8 inches and goes down to 7 inches. The top shelf is slanted and that is why the clearance reduces
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  7. Hobart 125 EZ Welder Handler 500521

    Hobart 125 EZ Welder Handler 500521


    The Handler 125 EZ has Hobart’s unique Single-Knob Control making it the quickest and easiest wire welder to set up and use. Just plug it into 115 VAC, select the mild steel thickness with the Single Knob Control and you are ready to weld. The Handler 125 EZ comes ready to weld 18 gauge–3/16 in mild steel with .030 in (0.8 mm) self-shielding flux-cored wire so no shielding gas bottle is required. Also designed to use .035 in (0.9 mm) flux cored wire with a .035 in (0.9 mm) contact tip.


    • Operator only needs to adjust a single knob for the thickness of mild steel to be welded and he's ready to weld. One knob adjusts both the volts and wire feed speed.
    • Max output of 125 amps allows you to weld 18 gauge up to 3/16 inch steel with flux cored wire
    • Built-in contactor eases use and is an excellent safety feature which makes wire electrically "cold" until trigger is pulled
    • Durable feed head with quick-release drive roll tension lever provides positive feed with adjustable tension plus easy accessibility to thread new wire
    • Short circuit protection protects unit against current overload
    • Self-resetting thermal overload protects power transformer to ensure reliability
    • Self-resetting motor protection protects wire feed system from overload, no fuses to change or circuit breaker buttons to reset

    Comes with:

    • Comfortable H-9A gun, 8 ft. (2.4 m)
    • Spare .030 in (0.8 mm) contact tips
    • 10 ft. (3 m) work cable with clamp
    • Sample spool of .030 in. (0.8 mm) self-shielded flux cored welding wire
    • Spool shaft to accommodate 4 in spools (Optional hub kit available for 8 in spools)
    • Power cord with plug
    • Weld set-up and parts information chart
    • Owner's manual with parts lists, installation, operation, and maintenance guidelines


    • Rated Output at 20% Duty Cycle: 85 A at 17.5 VDC, 60 A at 20 VDC (CSA Rating)
    • Current Range: 30 - 125 A
    • Max. Open-Circuit Voltage: 26 V
    • Amps Input at Rated Load, 60 Hz:
      • 115 V - 20 15 CSA Rating
      • kVA: 2.9 2.2 CSA Rating
      • kW: 2.5 1.77 CSA Rating
    • Dimensions:
      • H: 16 7/8 in (429 mm)
      • W: 9 7/8 in (251 mm)
      • D: 12 1/8 in (308 mm)
    • Net Weight: 50 lb (22.7 kg)
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  8. Campbell Hausfeld 125 Amp/120V Professional Flux Core Welder - WG3080

    Campbell Hausfeld 125 Amp/120V Professional Flux Core Welder - WG3080


    The drive-deck operates with an independent motor to provide consistent wire speed. The plug-in torch offers a trigger activated arc which allows precise weld placement. All of the welders can weld in flux-core or MIG. Great for repairs, projects, metal fabrication, and light production.


    • Steel powder coated case with oversized handle
    • Five heat settings to match metal thickness
    • Heavy-duty drive deck for consistent wire speed
    • Robust capacitor provides smoother arc and less spatter
    • Professional cold torch
    • Welders include two extra contact tips and flux-core wire
    • Weld with flux-core or MIG wire MIG wire requires hose kit WC803700AJ (Sold Separately)


    • 120V Flux Welder with Wire and 2 Extra Nozzles - WG3080
    • Flux Wire
    • (2) Contact Tips
    • Professional Torch
    • Ground Clamp
    • 8-ft Torch Cable
    • 8-ft Ground Cable
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  9. Metal Man Dual Bottle Welding Cabinet DWC2

    Metal Man Dual Bottle Welding Cabinet DWC2


    DWC2 - Dual Bottle Deluxe Welding Cabinet

    The Metal Man Dual Bottle Deluxe Welding Cabinet is an all-inone solution when you have two welders or require two bottles of welding gas. Designed for welder(s) to sit on top of cabinet, and a 6-1/2in. Dual gas cylinder configuration, it makes maneuvering a snap. It includes 4 drawers on ball bearing slides and of varying sizes that provide convenient storage for helmet, hammer, brush and other welding accessories. The keyed cabinet provides additional storage with internal shelves and storage bins on the door. Two cable holders help keep all your cables organized.

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