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Shop for Breyer Horse Toys, John Deere Toy Tractors, Toy Farm Animals, Schleich Farm Animals, Farm Board Games and more.

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  1. Huffy 26" Men's Dual Suspension Terrain Bicycle 26904

    Huffy 26" Men's Dual Suspension Terrain Bicycle 26904


    Product Features:

    • Wheels: 26"
    • Aluminum suspension frame
    • Kolo 5200 suspension fork
    • SRAM 21-speed twist shifting
    • Alloy linear pull brakes
    • Premium padded seat with stitched sides
    • Knobby tires
    • Quick release seat
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  2. Melissa & Doug Boxer - Plush Stuffed Animal 4853

    Melissa & Doug Boxer - Plush Stuffed Animal 4853


    Its easy to fall in love with this huggable boxer. With excellent quality construction and attention to lifelike details, the facial markings show this is a dog of distinction!

    • Product Measures: 31 x 11.5 x 9.7
    • Recommended Ages: 3 years & Up
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  3. Wild Sports Chicago Bears Head Coach Office Chair 901N-NFL105

    Wild Sports Chicago Bears Head Coach Office Chair 901N-NFL105


    Have the best seats in the house with our new, Officially Licensed Leather Office Chairs! If you are a sports fan this is a must have. It has all the ergonomic features you would expect from a high end chair. Comfort is the name of the game. So relax and get your work done. You won't want to get up! Be the envy in the Office or the Block. A must have for any sports fan, student or alumni.

    • Officially Licensed using Top Grain Leather in the Team or school Colors
    • Contoured Lumbar Support
    • Extra padded seat for maximum comfort
    • Tilt Tension Adjustment
    • Single Lever Seat Height Control with Locking Mechanism
    • Styled and manufactured to replicate a sports car bucket seat
    • Exclusively Licensed with the NFL
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  4. Schleich Young Chimpanzee Figurine 14680

    Schleich Young Chimpanzee Figurine 14680


    Add this baby chimp to your Schleich wildlife collection. Schleich models are all hand painted to be as close as can be to real life.

    Item size in cm (L x W x H):
    2.5 x 4 x 3.4

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  5. Schleich Hippopotamus 14681

    Schleich Hippopotamus 14681


    Although they are herbivores, hippopotamuses are considered as Africa's wildest animals because of their aggressive nature. When they are out of the water, hippos are able to run up to 50 km per hour. They have an influence on the course of rivers and swamps by using the very same walking paths day after day and thus diverting the water into these furrows.

    Hippos spend daytime in the water and graze in the evening. Within only five hours, a hippo is able to devour more than 70 kg of food. In the water, the males are very keen on defending their territory; however, there is no rivalry once they are ashore. Although they cannot swim, hippos fight, sleep and mate in the water. They live in pods of approximately thirty individuals.

    With a length of more than five meters and weighing up to two tons, hippos rank among the largest land mammals. They can grow quite old – often up to forty years.

    • Hand Painted
    • Highly Detailed
    • Fun Fact: Hippopotamuses are considered one of the most dangerous animals in Africa
    • Hippopotamuses live in African waters
    • Hippopotamuses live in the water and go ashore to eat
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  6. Magformers Magnetic Light Show 55 Piece Set 63092

    Magformers Magnetic Light Show 55 Piece Set 63092


    Dazzle during the day and Light up the night with Magformers Magnetic Light Show. Fun and educational for all ages the Light Show will entertain for hours of play. Increases creativity and brain development in growing children. While preserving complex brain functioning in adults, recommended for ages 6-99. Included are simple, easy to follow instruction cards to design your project, piece it together then plug in the included USB cord to make a lighted LED cube, rockets for blasting into space, shadows on the walls, pin wheels, Eskimo igloos or lighted cameras. Individual magnetic pieces are completely enclosed in durable lightweight plastic that comes in a variety of translucent colors and shapes such as triangles, squares, isosceles and arch pieces. Compact enough to pack and travel on short or long distance trips. Magformers Magnetic Light Show features 6 NEW Pyramid features with the ability to help create new angles and designs. Powered by intelligent magnet rotational technology each piece fits and conforms together perfectly, staying together until pulled apart by force. No messy glue or scissors required. Interchange the pieces with other Magformers Magnetic sets to build entire cities or more complex designs.

    Each piece is made out of high quality super magnetic ABS plastic and conforms to CE, ASTM and EN71 standards.

    Magformers Magnetic Construction sets obtained the 2007 OPPENHEIM TOY PORTFOLIO PLATINUM Award and BEST TOY FOR KIDS Award Pieces 2009 and 2010.

    WARNING CHOKING HAZARD - Not for Children under 3 years old

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  7. Playmobil 8 Adjustment Pieces 7357

    Playmobil 8 Adjustment Pieces 7357


    Have you wanted to visit friends and family in PlayMobils Old West Towns, Suburban Cities or Country Side?

    Want to see and experience new lands?

    Do you have the desire to travel to other cities?

    Tired of the same country side views?

    Well now you can take your PlayMobil RC Freight Train to experience new scenery as often as you like.

    By adding on Track Connectors and extra Tracks you can extend your route traveling to faraway places. Use these adjustment pieces to help you get to where you need and want to go.


    • 8 Adjustment Pieces

    Choking Hazard — Not for children under 3 years of Age


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  8. Wild Sports University of Kentucky Wildcats Desktop Statue TWSC-KEN

    Wild Sports University of Kentucky Wildcats Desktop Statue TWSC-KEN


    Heralded as one of the most talented wildlife artists in the country, Tim Wolfe stands among the most recognized sculptors in the industry today. Tim's remarkable understanding and knowledge of both animal and human anatomy, combined with an extraordinary artistic talent has led him to international recognition for his sculpture. His artworks now reside in thousands of private collections throughout the world. The ability to recreate the very spirit of nature's creatures in his artworks is only one of Tim's many gifts.

    Each Tim Wolfe Desktop Statue is hand craved and carefully antiqued by artisans trained by Tim Wolfe using his own finishing process. Tim's Collection is the perfect gift for the Student, Parent, Alum, Employee or Fan alike. We know the pride each person takes in their respective institution; we feel that pride comes through in Tim's Artwork

    • Alabaster Stone and Resin
    • 8.5 Inches wide
    • Hand Painted Bronze Patina Finish
    • Collectable Numbered Edition
    • Officially Licensed
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  • Wild Sports University of Washington Table Top Toss TOPC-WASH

    Wild Sports University of Washington Table Top Toss TOPC-WASH


    Table Top Toss, "The Original" Bean Bag Toss game. This exciting game can be enjoyed by young and old alike, packs up easily for travel and is a convenient size for a backpack or your office desk. Each game includes: instructions, 8 miniature bean bags (2 sets of 4), and 1 board with your favorite team's logo and colors. The dimension of the board is 10 in. x 7 in. Exclusively Licenses with the NCAA

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  • Toronto Blue Jays Tailgate Table

    Toronto Blue Jays Tailgate Table

    The Ultimate Table for Tailgating. Great for outdoors, barbecues, sports and family functions. This 2'x8' table provides an extra two feet to a standard style table. The surface represents a baseball field. You simply fold up (to a 2'x2' size), grab the handle, and go. Light weight, sturdy aluminum design. Learn More
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