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Shop for Breyer Horse Toys, John Deere Toy Tractors, Toy Farm Animals, Schleich Farm Animals, Farm Board Games and more.

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  1. Fisher Price Imaginext Pirate Sub W9561

    Fisher Price Imaginext Pirate Sub W9561


    Product Features:

    • Turn the disk to rotate the mechanical claw, and then pull back to grab the treasure chest
    • There's room to store the treasure chest inside the sub
    • And to make sure the treasure stays safe, there's a cannon on each side of the sub
    • Just press and fire
    • Dimensions: 12.00"L x 4.87"W x 8.50"W
    • Imaginext toy includes pirate sub, two projectiles, treasure chest, trident, pirate figure and helmet
    • Cockpit canopy opens and closes to fit two figures (additional figure sold separately)
    • Kids' toy is suited for ages 3 to 8 years old
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  2. Melissa & Doug Wooden Airplane 9394

    Melissa & Doug Wooden Airplane 9394


    Kids’ imagination will fly away with this wooden Airplane from Melissa & Doug. Loaded with four play figures and four color-coordinated suitcases, this plane is ready for takeoff anytime. Children will enjoy endless adventure and explore all kinds of destinations. Where will they fly off to today?


    • Airplane
    • 4 Play Figures
    • 4 Suitcases
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  3. Schleich Squirrel Eating Figurine 14252

    Schleich Squirrel Eating Figurine 14252


    Add this eating squirrel to your Schleich wildlife collection. Schleich models are all hand painted to be as close as can be to real life.

    Item size in cm (L x W x H):
    4.1 x 1.8 x 4.5

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  4. Step2, Cozy Kitchen, 810200

    Step2, Cozy Kitchen, 810200


    Product Description

    Let your little chefs blossom in this realistic kitchen will all the features of home! And its compact design provides loads of kitchen play! Made in USA of US and imported parts. Some accessories made in China.

    Product Features

    • Multiple cabinets plus the oven and refrigerator provide plenty of storage for easy clean-up.
    • Lots of realistic features to explore, including the sink with movable faucet, stove top, oven, and refrigerator.
    • Includes a 21 piece accessory set.
    • Minimal adult assembly required.
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  5. Huffy Boys' 16" Disney/Pixar Cars Bicycle 21786

    Huffy Boys' 16" Disney/Pixar Cars Bicycle 21786


    First bikes are an exciting milestone. Huffy blends the right designs, colors and amazing innovations to make each ride a great memory. A new bike with training wheels is exciting for everyone. Huffy includes wide training wheels for added stability. It won’t be long until it’s time to put the training wheels aside! These bikes make BIG memories.

    Product Features:

    • Removable Disney/Pixar Cars carrying case is just right to store, display and play with cars
    • Unique Disney/Pixar Cars tires and grips feature awesome racing flames pattern
    • Durable steel frame fully decorated with graphics
    • Easy to use coaster brake
    • Decorated padded seat is comfortable to ride
    • Wide training wheels provide stability
    • Innovative fun with durable bikes and great designs, from Huffy
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  6. Wild Sports Arizona Cardinals Desktop Statue TWSN-NFL100

    Wild Sports Arizona Cardinals Desktop Statue TWSN-NFL100


    Heralded as one of the most talented wildlife artists in the country, Tim Wolfe stands among the most recognized sculptors in the industry today. Tim's remarkable understanding and knowledge of both animal and human anatomy, combined with an extraordinary artistic talent has led him to international recognition for his sculpture. His artworks now reside in thousands of private collections throughout the world. The ability to recreate the very spirit of nature's creatures in his artworks is only one of Tim's many gifts.

    Each Tim Wolfe Desktop Statue is hand craved and carefully antiqued by artisans trained by Tim Wolfe using his own finishing process. Tim's Collection is the perfect gift for the Student, Parent, Alum, Employee or Fan alike. We know the pride each person takes in their respective institution; we feel that pride comes through in Tim's Artwork.


    • Alabaster Stone and Resin
    • 8.5 Inches wide
    • Hand Painted Bronze Patina Finish
    • Collectible Numbered Edition
    • Officially Licensed
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  7. Wild Sports Iowa State University Table Top Toss TOPC-IAST

    Wild Sports Iowa State University Table Top Toss TOPC-IAST


    Table Top Toss, "The Original" Bean Bag Toss game. This exciting game can be enjoyed by young and old alike, packs up easily for travel and is a convenient size for a backpack or your office desk. Each game includes: instructions, 8 miniature bean bags (2 sets of 4), and 1 board with your favorite team's logo and colors. The dimension of the board is 10 in. x 7 in. Exclusively Licenses with the NCAA

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  8. Purdue University Boilermakers Head Coach Office Chair 901CPURD

    Purdue University Boilermakers Head Coach Office Chair 901CPURD

    We have the best seats in the house with our new, Officially Licensed Leather Office Chairs! If you are a sports fan this is a must have. It has all the ergonomic features you would expect from a high end chair. Comfort is the name of the game. So relax and get your work done. You won't want to get up! Officially Licensed using Top Grain Leather in the Team or school Colors Contoured Lumbar Support extra padded seat for maximum comfort Tilt Tension Adjustment & Single Lever Seat Height Control with Locking Mechanism. Be the envy in the Office or the Block. A must have for any sports fan, student or alumni Learn More
  9. Estes-Cox Alpha III Rocket Launch Set 1427

    Estes-Cox Alpha III Rocket Launch Set 1427


    Join the hundreds of thousands of people who got their start in model rockets with this classic! The Estes Alpha III was the very first rocket in the E2X series. E2X (Easy to Assemble) is a rocket series designed with beginners in mind. Powered by standard Estes engines (sold separately) the Alpha III soars to heights of 1100 feet. Launch system includes Astron II Launch Pad and Astron II Controller. Whether you're a first time rocketeer or a long time flyer, this rocket is a true classic that should be in everyones' collection.

    With all pre-colored rocket parts and easily applied self-stick decals, you're ready for liftoff in minutes. What more could you ask for than a high performance, high flying, classic rocket!

    Product Features:

    • Easy to Assemble
    • Launch System Included
    • Plastic Fins
    • Self-stick Decals
    • 12 in. (30.5 cm) Parachute Recovery
    • Length: 12.3 in. (31.2 cm)
    • Diameter: .98 in. (25 mm)
    • Estimated Weight: 1.2 oz. (34 g)
    • Recommended Engines: 1/2A6-2, A8-3 (First Flight), B4-4, B6-4, B6-6, C6-5, C6-7
    • Projected Max Altitude: 1100 ft. (335 m)
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  10. Schleich Rabbit sitting 13673

    Schleich Rabbit sitting 13673


    A rabbit's wool is five times warmer than that of a lamb.


    Popular as pets, especially around Easter, rabbits are divided into almost fifty species. The staple food of a rabbit's diet is hay, and these furry friends also need a constant water supply. Able to withstand cold temperatures, rabbits can be indoor or outdoor pets. Living for about a decade, rabbits are social animals that are prone to getting nervous easily and biting wires or objects near its dwelling. Able to be trained, rabbits enjoy games and can recognize their name with practice.

    • Dimensions: 1.6" L x 1" W x 1.8" H
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