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Shop for Breyer Horse Toys, John Deere Toy Tractors, Toy Farm Animals, Schleich Farm Animals, Farm Board Games and more.

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  1. Ertl John Deere Tractor Set 35867

    Ertl John Deere Tractor Set 35867


    Enhance creativity and the Farm way of Life during simple playtime while building your childs imagination.

    Ertl toys has created this wonderful 1/32 scaled John Deere Deluxe Vehicle Set to compliment any collection of Tractors.

    Use any of the three in this set to work on the farm plowing dirt, baling hale, planting crops and moving heavy equipment. Each piece is uniquely designed and the details are tremendous. So much like the real John Deere quality you would expect from the full size line of machinery.

    Sized perfectly for easy transportation. Pack them in a bag, take to the park, on vacation or just out in the back yard.  When playtime is finished, they are easy to clean and will be ready to use the next time around.

    Included is a John Deere tractor, with 4 wheel drive, disk ripper and removable dual wheels. A Backhoe Loader with Outriggers and another high quality Tractor with hay bale and grapple fork.


    • Interior Details
    • Plastic wheels and tires that free roll and move
    • Some die cast metal parts
    • Can be used in Sandbox and Outdoor Play
    • Attachable Disk Ripper to Tractor
    • Working Backhoe with Raising and Lowering capabilities
    • Loader raises and lowers to help collect miscellaneous debris
    • Recommended for ages 3 and Up


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  2. Magformers Magnetic Inspire 30 Piece Set 63097

    Magformers Magnetic Inspire 30 Piece Set 63097


    Who says girls won’t be interested in building toys? Well maybe nobody. But with Magformers Magnetic Inspire 30 Piece Set, you might inspire her to start that career in construction and architecture early. She will be drawn to the array of pink, purple, minty green and baby blue set of 12 triangles and 18 squares. (Boys might even like the colors too.) The neodymium magnet encapsulated shapes turn 2 dimensional shapes into 3 dimensional works of art, or the next Trump Tower. She can start with the construction template but soon will be designing on her own. Magformers stimulate sensory ability, construction ability, curiosity, mathematic thinking, and reasoning power in children as young as 5. And this toy is not just for the tea party and teddy bear set, Magformers are very durable with high quality ABS plastic construction. When the other parents on the block ask about this extra special building series, remind them that all Magformers products have compatible parts for sharing in the play group, and send them over to Rural King to buy a set for their own kids!

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  3. Magformers Magnetic Wow 16 Piece Set 63094

    Magformers Magnetic Wow 16 Piece Set 63094


    Encourage your child's creativity with Magformers Magnetic Wow 16 piece construction set. Build up the cars, race around a track or through the dirt and when finished, take them apart and build another. Enhancing brain development these simple and easy to use colorful magnetic pieces will provide hours of brain building fun exercises. Each piece is magnetic and sticks together on its own, no cutting or messy glue. Watch them as they build fine motor skills and visual / spatial abilities by following the simple 10.5" x 7" instruction cards. Designing and building up to 20 different, unique vehicles will keep your child entertained and enthused for hours. Each Magformers Magnetic Wow 16 piece set includes 8 triangle pieces, 5 square pieces, 1 driver and 2 axle/wheel pieces for designing 3D shapes, cars and buildings. Purchase other Magformers sets to add interchangeable pieces and lengthened play. Offering a fun and educational exploration for both children and adults, Magformers construction sets help a vast imagination take hold and grow.

    Pieces are made out of super magnetic ABS plastic and conforms to CE, ASTM and EN71 standards.

    Magformers Magnetic Sets Earned the 2007 OPPENHEIM TOY PORTFOLIO PLATINUM award and BEST TOY FOR KIDS Award 2009 and 2010.

    WARNING CHOKING HAZARD - Not for Children under 3 years old

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  4. Ertl Big Red Barn Tractor Set 34984A

    Ertl Big Red Barn Tractor Set 34984A

    John Deere Big Red Barn vehicles provide fun preschool play with the realism and interaction tied to John Deere. Farmers trigger sound when placed in the Big Red Barn. 

    Playset includes:
    • Thrashing Combine - features removable farmer and combine with pivoting spout
    • Roll & Rock Gator - features removable farmer, gator with flipping dump bed and hay
    • Hop & Pop Tractor - features removable farmer, wagon with flipping dump bed, tomato crate and tractor with lift-up hood
    • Lift & Load Front Loader - features farmer and load
    • Plus, farmers, animals, fence and cargo

    For ages 18 months and older.
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  5. Ertl John Deere Monster Tread Value Set 46053

    Ertl John Deere Monster Tread Value Set 46053


    Meet the Top of the Top elite models when Monster Trucks collide with John Deere in this fabulous 6 piece Monster Treads Value Set!

    Each John Deere model is sized perfectly at 5 inches and ready to collide with, topple and destroy anything in their paths.

    All four vehicles can be hauled with the Semi and on the trailer. Each John Deere Monster Treads have All Terrain Steering, Super Bouncy Tires with mud capable tread and exquisite details.

    Included in this set are 2 tractors, a combine, a gator, one flat load hauler trailer and semi to pull them wherever the road may lead.  Each one perfectly detailed with true to life designs right down to the open cabs and color schemes.

    Sturdy and strong each is designed to live up to little hands and lots of play. Easy to wipe clean and store. Perfectly sized for transport or packing in bags for on the move play. Take them with you to the park, ball fields, beach or backyard.

    Ertl toys have provided generations with realistic play toys, enhancing creativity and assisting in true to life situations by providing the best possible outlets for children to develop while having fun too!

    Recommended for Ages 3 and Up


    • 6 Piece Value Set
    • One Semi Hauler
    • One Trailer
    • Two John Deere Tractors
    • One John Deere Combine
    • One John Deere Gator
    • Super Bouncy Tires
    • All Terrain Steering
    • Mudding capable Tread on ALL Vehicles
    • Lifelike and Realistic detailing


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  6. Playmobil Tank Rail Wagon 6309

    Playmobil Tank Rail Wagon 6309


    The train just keeps getting longer and longer when you add the Playmobil City Action Tank Rail Wagon!

    The tiny train engineer can discover that different materials should be transported in different types of rail cars. Even though he or she cannot yet read, he can see the realistic placards and labels on the wagon and begin to ask questions. His or her dexterity will be challenged (in a good way of course) in learning to couple and uncouple the cars. It’s up the ladder to look inside and check the contents. Bright red, yellow and black in the design are sure to get their attention.

    This item is the perfect addition to the Playmobil RC Freight Train. Extra track sets will allow them to keep designing their own transportation system.

    Choking hazard - Small parts included - Recommended for ages 3 and up.



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  7. Magformers Magnetic Classic 30 Piece Set 63068

    Magformers Magnetic Classic 30 Piece Set 63068


    When it’s time to play, what toy your child will go to time and again? Magformers!! Magformers? What is that you say? Get started with the box of Magformers Magnetic Classic to find 30 pieces total of 12 magnetic triangles and 18 squares in intense stimulating colors of red, purple, yellow and blue to find out. The edges magically come together for building 3 dimensional shapes from 2 dimensional forms. Adults may be interested to know that neodymium magnets encapsulated within Magformers rotate any direction to connect. Parents may be interested to know that Magformers stimulate sensory ability, construction ability, curiosity, mathematic thinking, and reasoning power in children as young as 5. (And it is never too early to get started with that!!) Kids may be interested in one thing, FUN!!!. A multiple of shapes come to life on your coffee table—boxes, balls, and houses even. And is this a toy that will quickly break and be tossed into the trash? No. The pieces are durable for even the rowdiest of your brood. As to unforeseen disasters and a general disdain for this loveable box of FUN, Rural King offers a 30 day warranty on the product.

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  8. Playmobil Vehicle Shed 6213

    Playmobil Vehicle Shed 6213


    Don't leave all your equipment out in the elements! This Vehicle Shed is a great addition to the Country line of sets from Playmobil.

    This stand-alone structure is a great place to house your Playmobil Harvester 7645, Playmobil Farm Tractor with Trailer 6212, and many other farm accoutrements!  Architecture goes great with the Playmobil Barn with Silo 5119.

    The shed has a realistic, rustic look with a red "tin" roof, stone-like walls, and green framed windows. Overhead work lights give it an extra realistic touch.  Plenty of adjustable shelving is included to keep all your tools clean, dry and handy.  From the Playmobil Direct Service line of accessories and add-ons.

    Recommended for ages four and up.
    Choking hazard: not for infants under three years of age.

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  9. Playmobil Light Kit 2 (Battery Case Not Included) 7391

    Playmobil Light Kit 2 (Battery Case Not Included) 7391


    Offers realistic lighting for extended play time!

    PlayMobil Light Kit #2 includes the lighting elements only and recommended for use in the PlayMobil Suburban House set. This item is an accessory and part of the direct service range. Created and Recommended for children 4 years and older.

    Light Kit number 1 is needed to operate Light Kit number 2.  

    House parts, System X building and Battery Case is NOT included.

    A trusted manufacturer since 1974, PlayMobil has been distributed in over 80 different countries with over 2.6 Billion figures and playsets that help children discover a whole new world of imagination.


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  10. Playmobil Police Speedboat 6282

    Playmobil Police Speedboat 6282


    Patrol the water or Rush to the crime scene using a PlayMobil® City Action Police Speedboat!

    The Police Speed Boat features:

    • A life like paint scheme
    • Extensive detailed equipment
    • A Sonar
    • Spotlights
    • Front wench for towing
    • A cabin to protect the officers from the elements while on patrol.

    Make it a working Speedboat by adding the underwater motor and watch it propel through the water in a bathtub, or pool.

    Realistic features brings a child into a vast world of fantasy play. The equipment on board will help in search and rescue of victims or assisting in investigating a crime. The speed boat is an accessory to a direct line of other City Action PlayMobil® sets such as the Police Station with Working Alarm system.

    A trusted manufacturer since 1974, PlayMobil® has been distributed in over 80 different countries with 2.6 Billion figures and playsets that help children discover a whole new world of imagination.

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