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Shop for Breyer Horse Toys, John Deere Toy Tractors, Toy Farm Animals, Schleich Farm Animals, Farm Board Games and more.

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  1. Bruder John Deere 7930 Tractor 9806

    Bruder John Deere 7930 Tractor 9806

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    Nothing runs like a Deere! And no toy is as close to being the real deal as Bruder!

    The Bruder John Deere 7930 Tractor is equipped with a fully glazed cabin with working doors, a detachable front load, an off-road, full floating front axle,and a height adjustable drawbar coupling. The unique steering system allows you to steer from the cabin or use the extended handle through the open roof of the tractor to easily maneuver the tractor. This toy is of high quality craftsmanship and is incredibly detailed. It is as close as you can get to the real thing, Bruder toys are popular for both kids and parents!

    Product Features:

    • Detachable front weight
    • Tow coupling with height adjustable lifting gear 
    • Receiver for front loader
    • Engine bonnet can be opened
    • Steerable, off-road full floating axle 
    • Steerable and off road axle
    • Retrofittable twin tires
    • Tread tyres
    • Additional steering rod allows steering through the sliding tractor roof
    • Scale 1:16

    **Recommended for ages 3 and older.

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  2. Magformers Magnetic XL Cruisers Car Set 63073

    Magformers Magnetic XL Cruisers Car Set 63073


    What is one of the first things that gets your child’s attention when he or she is as young as six? That would be cars! Children make the “vroom vroom” sound and mimic you at the steering wheel at a very young age. Thank goodness they won’t be ready to drive for another ten years! So how does a parent turn that curiosity and desire into a learning experience that inspires creativity and development? Select the Magformers Magnetic XL Cruisers Car Set! The non-driving set can still create all different kinds of cars. They will be able to easily assemble geometric shapes with silver borders that helps them to imagine chrome. Don’t forget the wheels!

    Who says you cannot have that Corvette? Parents like to get in on the action too. If you are unfamiliar with the product, know that neodymium magnets encapsulated within Magformers rotate any direction to connect. Each piece attracts, but does not repel. The construction is durable and strong. Magformers come in various sets at Rural King and the parts are all compatible, so the tots (and parents who still love toys) can keep building and building and building.

    This 32 piece set includes:

    • 12 triangles
    • 16 squares
    • 2 hexagons
    • 2 accessories
    • Wheels
    • Last but not least, the idea book. Have a look now by clicking here
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