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Action/Vehicle/Building Sets

Action/Vehicle/Building Sets

Shop for Toy Farm Animals, Schleich Animals, Native American Toys and more.

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  1. Melissa & Doug Litter of Lizards 6062

    Melissa & Doug Litter of Lizards 6062


    Lounging in the sun with these colorful lizards will warm the blood and heat up the imaginations of young backyard explorers. Bright colors and dramatic markings add excitement to pretend play and counting, sorting and hide-and-hunt games.

    Dimensions: 9.25" x 4.75" x 1.25" Packaged

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  2. GuideCraft Jr Plywood Construction Trucks G7522

    GuideCraft Jr Plywood Construction Trucks G7522


    Set of 3 hand-held vehicles in 3 themes: Community Vehicles, Construction Trucks, and Race Cars. Features sturdy plywood construction and frosted acrylic windows, and wide, soft plastic treads provide great traction. Detailed artwork enhances each unique vehicle. Construction trucks include Dump Truck, Roller, and Front Loader. Individual vehicles are approximately 3.75"W x 3.5"H x 5"D.

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  3. Schleich Hippopotamus 14681

    Schleich Hippopotamus 14681


    Although they are herbivores, hippopotamuses are considered as Africa's wildest animals because of their aggressive nature. When they are out of the water, hippos are able to run up to 50 km per hour. They have an influence on the course of rivers and swamps by using the very same walking paths day after day and thus diverting the water into these furrows.

    Hippos spend daytime in the water and graze in the evening. Within only five hours, a hippo is able to devour more than 70 kg of food. In the water, the males are very keen on defending their territory; however, there is no rivalry once they are ashore. Although they cannot swim, hippos fight, sleep and mate in the water. They live in pods of approximately thirty individuals.

    With a length of more than five meters and weighing up to two tons, hippos rank among the largest land mammals. They can grow quite old – often up to forty years.

    • Hand Painted
    • Highly Detailed
    • Fun Fact: Hippopotamuses are considered one of the most dangerous animals in Africa
    • Hippopotamuses live in African waters
    • Hippopotamuses live in the water and go ashore to eat
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  4. Schleich Brachiosaurus Figurine 14503

    Schleich Brachiosaurus Figurine 14503


    Add Brachiosaurus to your Schleich wildlife collection. Schleich models are all hand painted to be as close as can be to real life.

    Item size in cm (L x W x H):
    17.2 x 6.4 x 16

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  5. Maxim Enterprises 40 Piece Wooden Train Set 37315

    Maxim Enterprises 40 Piece Wooden Train Set 37315


    This 40 piece set features the classic black steam wooden engine along with a three car train and comes with buildings, signs, figures and lots more! Kids will love the figure 8 configuration, and the trains that link with magnets, plus the open cargo car lets kids haul freight too! Great beginner set!

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  6. Schleich Sea Lion 14365

    Schleich Sea Lion 14365


    Sea lion pups develop quickly thanks to their mother's milk which is composed of fifty percent fat.


    Sea lions have large, bare flippers which they use to help regulate their body temperatures. Dense fur, a mixture of permanent underfur and longer top hairs that are shed annually, covers the rest of their body. Sea lions can dive to depths of six hundred feet, much deeper than other seals, to hunt for fish like herring, anchovy, and squid. They tend to keep to themselves at sea, but their breeding grounds on land get pretty packed. Most head for the breeding ground by May and babies are born in June. Males, or bulls, are polygamous, which means they mate with more than one female. Substantially larger than females, bulls are also pretty forceful; they set up their own territories and aggressively herd females and drive away other bulls. Sea lions have a lifespan of nearly thirty years.

    • Dimensions: 4" L x 3.8" W x 2.9" H
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  7. Calico Critters Wilder Panda Bear Family CC1507

    Calico Critters Wilder Panda Bear Family CC1507


    Adorable critters come with removable clothing. Family critters are poseable, with jointed arms and legs, and heads that turn!
    Parents are approximately 3" tall, brothers and sisters are 2 1/4" tall.

    • Parents: 3"
    • Brothers & Sisters: 2 1/4"
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  8. GuideCraft PowerClix Solids 94pc Set G9423

    GuideCraft PowerClix Solids 94pc Set G9423


    SOLIDS NEW PowerClix® Solids have colorful, translucent plastics and geometric shapes that allow for open-ended, creativity-inspiring 2D and 3D constructions. The easy click ‘n connect system with super-strong magnetic force makes building a snap. The solid shapes allow for building easily recognizable geometric forms, patterns and color mixing. Included with each set is the PowerClix® Creativity Guide which provides themes and inspiration for young builders, while introducing them to the basics of science, technology, engineering and math. With four different piece counts, there is a perfect set for every builder! Ages 3+.

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  9. Schleich Appaloosa Mare 13731

    Schleich Appaloosa Mare 13731


    Appaloosa is a horse breed that springs from the Spanish horse that was imported to North America in the 18th century. Almost every Appaloosa has a square physique which is typical for Western horses.

    his also includes a small head with big, awake eyes and a straight nose line. They have a strong back and are muscular altogether. That is why they are fast and agile. In particular their striking fur speckles are characteristic for this breed.

    2 x 4.2 x 4.2 inches

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  10. Calico Critters Let's Go Camping CC1425

    Calico Critters Let's Go Camping CC1425


    The Calico Critters Let's Go Camping set has everything critters need for fun camping adventures!

    Over 20 pieces including:

    • Silky Cat Sister Susie
    • Tent
    • Sleeping bag
    • Backpack
    • Camping
    • "Gas" stove
    • Kettle
    • Candle lantern
    • Head wrap
    • Stools
    • Plates
    • Bowls
    • Cups
    • Forks
    • Knives
    • Book
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