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Shop for John Deere Toy Tractors, Toy Farm Animals, Schleich Farm Animals and more.

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  1. Playmobil Rocket Racer 5173

    Playmobil Rocket Racer 5173


    Speed around the raceway in the Rocket Racer. This classic white and grey racer has everything it needs to beat out the competition. The included launch pad will ensure racers get a quick start. Simply pull back the car until it locks in, and then press the launch lever to send the car speeding down the track. Play with this set on its own or race it against another PLAYMOBIL Racer. Set includes one figure, racing vehicle, helmet, and launch pad.

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  2. Schleich Kangaroo 14603

    Schleich Kangaroo 14603


    Kangaroos are able to attain speeds of forty miles per hour while hopping.


    Red kangaroos live in the arid plains of central Australia and are the largest surviving marsupials anywhere in the world -- they can grower taller than a full grown man! Marsupials give birth to their babies early and then carry them in protected pouches until they can survive on their own. Red kangaroos' babies, or joeys, remain in their mother's pouches for up to a year while she nurses and nurtures them. Red kangaroos are herbivores; this means they only eat plants. They can go long periods of time without water as long as they have access to green plants. They're nocturnal and spend their days sleeping or resting. When male kangaroos fight, it looks like they're boxing. They stand on their hind legs and push, jab, and kick at each other. Red kangaroos have powerful legs and can jump as much as thirty feet in one bound. They live in groups called mobs that range anywhere from thirty to over three hundred animals. Females have a bluish-gray coat with a hint of brown and are called 'blue flyers.'

    • Dimensions: 3.4" L x 1.4" W x 3.7" H
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  3. Little Buster Toys Green Round Bale Hay Feeder 500216

    Little Buster Toys Green Round Bale Hay Feeder 500216


    Make sure your toy cattle have something to hold the round bale that they feed on! The Little Buster Round Bale Hay Feeder is made from durable, 12 gauge metal.


    • 3 1/4 tall x 5 1/8 wide
    • Made of metal

    **Hay bale not included!

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  4. Schleich Cat Scenery Pack 41801

    Schleich Cat Scenery Pack 41801


    The figures and accessories can be put together to create a lively, pictorial scene. Each set contains a specially designed article which cannot be bought separately. In this set, the exclusive item in this set is the cats' scratching post. The scratching pole is the perfect accessory for any cat, elevated platforms provide an exciting climbing frame for playful felines, the highest one holds a bed the ideal place for a cat nap.

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  5. Little Buster Toys Hereford Cow 500257

    Little Buster Toys Hereford Cow 500257


    Product Features:

    • 4 inches x 6 inches
    • 1/16 Scale size
    • Realistic ear tag
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  6. Bruder John Deere 7930 Tractor 9806

    Bruder John Deere 7930 Tractor 9806


    The Bruder John Deere 7930 Tractor is equiped with a fully glazed cabin with working doors, a detachable front load, an off-road, full floating front axle,and a height adjustable drawbar coupling. The unique steering system allows you to steer from the cabin or use the extended handle through the open roof of the tractor to easily manuever the tractor.

    Product Features:

    • Detachable front weight
    • Tow coupling with height adjustable lifting gear 
    • Receiver for front loader
    • Engine bonnet can be opened
    • Steerable, off-road full floating axle 
    • Steerable and off road axle
    • Retofittable twin tires
    • Tread tyres
    • Additional steering rod allows steering through the sliding tractor roof
    • Scale 1:16

    **Recommended for ages 3 and older.

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  7. Ertl John Deere Six Bottom Plow 1:16 45302

    Ertl John Deere Six Bottom Plow 1:16 45302


    Die cast metal six-bottom plow with plastic wheels, coulters, and moldboards.


    • Plow
    • John Deere collection
    • Metal and plastic construction
    • Furrow wheel
    • Front hitch
    • 1:16 Scale model
    • Age grade: 3 Years and up


    • 3" H x 10.5" W x 18.5" D, 1.4 lbs
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  8. Playmobil 3 Horses II 6257

    Playmobil 3 Horses II 6257


    Do you have more soldiers than horses? Does your Native American village need more horses for its warriors? Have you been considering adding horses to your farm? Now you can with this set of three horses from Playmobil. This set includes three different full-grown horses: one dark brown, one gray, and one all white horse. Each comes with a different color bridle. Set also features two saddles.

    Makes a great addition to the following Playmobil sets (sold separately): Native American Camp (5247), Western Fort (5245), Barn with Silo (5119), and Large Horse Farm (5221), just to name a few.

    Key Features:

    • Three horses: dark brown, gray, and white
    • Two saddles
    • Durable plastic

    Choking hazards - small parts

    Recommended for Ages Four and Up.

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  9. Playmobil Care Fairy with Unicorn Rose Red 5443

    Playmobil Care Fairy with Unicorn Rose Red 5443


    Enter the magical world of fairies with Care Fairy and her Unicorn “Rose Red”. Use the sponge and brush to make sure Rose Red’s coat is shiny and clean. When finished, the sponge can be stored in the hinged shell for later use. Then, take the magic online and use the set’s secret code to unlock special features in the fairies online game. Set includes one winged fairy, red unicorn, two rabbits, crystal pitcher and bottles, flowers, standing platform to ensure secure footing, and other accessories. Play with this set on its own or combine with any of the other PLAYMOBIL Fairies sets.

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  10. Ertl John Deere Harvesting Set 1/64 45150

    Ertl John Deere Harvesting Set 1/64 45150


    Knee high by the fourth of July, and growing fast! Make sure you're prepared for harvest time with this great harvesting set from Ertl. Everything you need to get your crop from the farm to town is included! Get the crop cut with the John Deere combine and unload into the grain cart. Load up the semi trailer and haul that grain to market!

    Set Includes:

    • Tractor
    • Combine with pivoting unloading auger
    • Grain Cart with pivoting auger
    • Semi truck
    • 1:64 scale
    • 13.5 x 3.5 x 11 inches

    Quality die cast and plastic construction make for a detailed, realistic look and feel. Ag-tread tires provide great traction even in muddy fields. Ertl toys is licensed by John Deere, so you know you're getting a true-to-the-original replica.

    Recommended for ages 8 and up.
    Warning - Choking hazard - Small parts included

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Items 1-10 of 489

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