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Shop for John Deere Toy Tractors, Toy Farm Animals, Schleich Farm Animals and more.

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  1. New Ray 1:43 Livestock Semi & Cattle Ranch Set SS-05805A

    New Ray 1:43 Livestock Semi & Cattle Ranch Set SS-05805A


    Let you little ones imagination run wild and bring the farm straight to the living room with the New Ray 1:43 Livestock Semi & Cattle Ranch Set.

    Product Features:

    • Two Barns
    • Working Windmil
    • 1:43 Die Cast/ Plastic Livestock Truck
    • Playmat
    • Ranch Accessories
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  2. Playmobil Ranger's Lookout Post 6248

    Playmobil Ranger's Lookout Post 6248


    This lookout post is the perfect perch for keeping an eye out for potential threats. Storms, enemies, animals - whatever might be coming your way, be on guard!

    Realistic timber style structures provides a sturdy spot for the ranger.

    A great addition to any of the Western or Country play sets from Playmobil like the Western Fort (Item# 159010268) or the Goldmine (Item# 159010301).

    Set includes:

    • Lookout shelter with ladder and roof
    • Pine Tree
    • Elevated feeding trough with roof
    • Green and brown hay stacks

    Recommended for ages four and up.
    Not for children under the age of 3.

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  3. Schleich Drake 13654

    Schleich Drake 13654


    Only female ducks quack.


    Preferring the water to land, ducks are often found feeding in flocks to avoid predators. Prepared for fair or foul temperatures, these birds keep their feathers well-oiled and waterproofed, wearing an insulating layer of down underneath. This way, they can fulfill their omnivorous diet requirements in any season. To aid in eating, many ducks have specialized bills built with ridges or filters called lamellae. Nesting near the water's edge, ducks like to hide among bushes.

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  4. Little Buster Toys Green Cattle Squeeze Chute 500235

    Little Buster Toys Green Cattle Squeeze Chute 500235


    The Little Buster Toys Green Cattle Squeeze Chute is made with the highest quality in mind and most durable construction and is powder coated for a long lasting finish. This cattle chute has two working gates, rear sliding gate and side realease gate. This cattle chute will not only fit the Little Buster Toys Cattle Line, but as well as Schleich animals. 

    • Swinging Side Gate
    • Sliding Read Gate
    • Made of Metal


    • 6 Inches Tall
    • 4 1/8 Inches Wide
    • 7 1/4 Inches Long

    **Cow not included!

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  5. Ertl 1:16 Case IH Puma 1800 Tractor w/ Bale 46381

    Ertl 1:16 Case IH Puma 1800 Tractor w/ Bale 46381


    Product Features:

    • lights and sounds 
    • Removable cab with back open for access
    • Adjustable hitch fits most 1/16th scale implements
    • Fork raises and lowers, used with round and square bales
    • 3 AAA Batteries (Included)
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  6. Playmobil Light Kit 2 (Battery Case Not Included) 7391

    Playmobil Light Kit 2 (Battery Case Not Included) 7391


    Offers realistic lighting for extended play time!

    PlayMobil Light Kit #2 includes the lighting elements only and recommended for use in the PlayMobil Suburban House set. This item is an accessory and part of the direct service range. Created and Recommended for children 4 years and older.

    Light Kit number 1 is needed to operate Light Kit number 2.  

    House parts, System X building and Battery Case is NOT included.

    A trusted manufacturer since 1974, PlayMobil has been distributed in over 80 different countries with over 2.6 Billion figures and playsets that help children discover a whole new world of imagination.


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  7. Hydra Fold Little Toy Wagon W-80

    Hydra Fold Little Toy Wagon W-80


    Authentic Toy Replica of Gravity Box

    • Sturdily constructed of heavy-duty steel
    • Side door designed to slide up and down
    • Versatile handle allows children and adults to easily pull wagon by hand, behind toy pedal tractor or behind garden tractors
    • Dimensions: 29" x 17" x 19"
    • Imitation auger included with each wagon, attaches with 2 pins
    • Nothing to assemble - wagons completely assembled before delivery

    Colors Available:

    • Green
    • Red
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  8. Playmobil Kids Carousel 7859

    Playmobil Kids Carousel 7859


    'Round and 'round you'll go! A fun carnival ride, the carousel has been the setting for many treasured memory over the centuries.

    This adorable set from Playmobil is playfully colored in red, yellow and blue.

    Features six chairs with safety belts around a spinning centerpiece.  Chairs swing outward when spun just like the real thing! A fun way to show how centripetal force works!

    A delightful addition to any of the beach scenes or playground sets.

    Recommended for ages four and up.
    Choking Hazard - Small Parts - Not for children under three years of age

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  9. Ertl 1:16 Peterbilt 367 Semi/Grain Trailer 46406

    Ertl 1:16 Peterbilt 367 Semi/Grain Trailer 46406


    Your little one's eyes will light up when they see how realistic and big this semi is! The Ertl 1:16 scale model 367 Peterbilt Semi/Grain Trailer is identical to the life size model! The Peterbilt Semi has many features including, opening doors, adjustable mirrors, working lights, horn and engine sounds! The grain trailer has a opening hopper bottom doors, opening and closing trailer tarp, movable trailer jack stand and adjustable tag axle wheels. This semi will complete your child's play farm, by allowing them to take the grain from the combine to the bins to sell at a later date! 

    Product Features:

    • Sounds: Start of the Engine and Horn
    • Working Lights
    • Opening Doors
    • Opening and Closing Trailer Tarp
    • Opening Grain Hopper Bottom Doors to Release Grain
    • Movable Trailer Jack Stand
    • Adjustable Mirrors
    • Adjustable Tag Axle Wheels
    • Requires 3 AAA Batteries - Included!
    • Age 3+

    Measures: 45 inches long x 6.5 inches wide x 7.5 inches high

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  10. Playmobil Garden Fence 7292

    Playmobil Garden Fence 7292


    Can’t keep all those pesky critters from destroying your hard work and families’ garden?

    Have you spent all sorts of money on tin pie plates, scarecrows or keep away sprays only for them to not perform the way they were supposed to?

    Do you want to add a little functional pizazz and style to your PlayMobil “City Life” themed home?

    Invest in a beautifully designed red and grey picket fence to solve all those problems.

    Give your garden an architectural edge while creating a safe harbor for all your plants.  Keep all those vegetable eating varmints out of your garden so that when the time comes to harvest you reap the benefits from all your back breaking hard work.


    • Approximately 5 feet of Fencing
    • Separate Fence Sections/ Panels
    • Required Posts
    • 1 Double Gate for lawn tractors, equipment etc.
    • 1 Single Walk through Gate

    Choking Hazard — Not for children under 3 years of Age


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