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Shop for John Deere Toy Tractors, Toy Farm Animals, Schleich Farm Animals and more.

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  1. Bruder Quad With Driver 63000

    Bruder Quad With Driver 63000

    Regular Price: $16.98

    Special Price: $14.43

    The playing child is at the center of every single product made by BRUDER. Playing is not an end in itself, but lets children make experiences in the adult world which they can use for their own development.

    In line with this principle, BRUDER products are developed as "model-sized toys." Model-sized to encourage children to imitate real life in the form of role plays; functional to help them understand the technical backgrounds by allowing them to "grasp by grabbing." Special attention is paid to the well-balanced interaction of easy-to-handle play functions and models that are true to life and offer the greatest possible level of stability. BRUDER's company slogan "just like the real thing" manifests itself, in particular, in the products of the Pro Series.

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  2. New Ray Large Farm Set 05915A

    New Ray Large Farm Set 05915A



    • Tractor
    • Wagons
    • Farming equipment attachments
    • Fencing
    • Windmill
    • A cow and calf
    • A Sheep and its baby
    • Rooster
    • Hens and chicks
    • A horse and its baby
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  3. New Ray Country Life Farm with Windmill and Animals SS-05795A

    New Ray Country Life Farm with Windmill and Animals SS-05795A



    • Farm animals
    • Farm hands
    • Tractor and trailer
    • Barn and out building
    • Windmill
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  4. Playmobil Classroom Interior 7486

    Playmobil Classroom Interior 7486

    Regular Price: $17.97

    Special Price: $12.58

    Playing school has been a childhood pastime for generations. Children love to take turns pretending they are the teacher and while using their imagination create a fun, learning environment without even realizing it.

    Imagine that your student population expanded to the point you have run out of room for all the children …Or that you are sooo popular as a teacher that you need a larger classroom to suit all your students?

    PlayMobil has created and designed school room equipment so that your child can provide a safe and effective learning environment while teaching children important information about the surrounding community and world they live in.  If you have purchased the School Building Extension than this set will be perfect to accessorize and decorate with, providing the perfect learning environment.


    • Chalkboard
    • Local Map on Large Display Screen
    • Student desk and chairs
    • Teachers’ desk with pull out drawers
    • Trash can
    • Pointing stick
    • Books
    • Book bags
    • Art supplies
    • Many Misc. Accessories

    Choking Hazard

    Not for children under 3 years of Age.


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  5. New Ray Country Life Deluxe Farm Set SS-05335C

    New Ray Country Life Deluxe Farm Set SS-05335C


    Farm Set Includes:

    • Pigs
    • Cows
    • Sheep
    • Horses
    • Farmers
    • Stable
    • Produce
    • Hay
    • Tractors & Trailers
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  6. Ertl 1:64 Case IH Tandem Disk 14850

    Ertl 1:64 Case IH Tandem Disk 14850



    • Great detail
    • Die cast and plastic construction
    • Works with other 1:64 scale accessories
    • Product Dimensions: 7 x 2.8 x 7 inches
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  7. Ertl New Holland 1:64 Tandem Disk 13832

    Ertl New Holland 1:64 Tandem Disk 13832


    This 1:64 scale implement features exceptional detail and is made of diecast metal and plastic construction. This model is compatible with most other 1:64 scale Ertl tractors.


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  8. Playmobil Rocket Racer 5173

    Playmobil Rocket Racer 5173

    Regular Price: $25.99

    Special Price: $14.55

    Speed around the raceway in the Rocket Racer. This classic white and grey racer has everything it needs to beat out the competition. The included launch pad will ensure racers get a quick start. Simply pull back the car until it locks in, and then press the launch lever to send the car speeding down the track. Play with this set on its own or race it against another PLAYMOBIL Racer. Set includes one figure, racing vehicle, helmet, and launch pad.

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  9. Farm World 19 Piece Chucky Farm Play Set 73861

    Farm World 19 Piece Chucky Farm Play Set 73861


    Product Features:

    • 19 PC. Farm World Chucky Play Set
    • Each is made of durabe molded plastic
    • Create hours of fun play
    • WARNING: Not suitable for children under 3 years.

    Set Includes:

    • 4 Farmhands
    • 4 Farm animals
    • 2 Free-wheeling vehicles with implements
    • Barn scene
    • Signs
    • Trees
    • Additional accessories 
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  10. Playmobil Octopus With Baby 6202

    Playmobil Octopus With Baby 6202

    Regular Price: $14.97

    Special Price: $10.48

    A great addition to any water-themed play set from Playmobil like the Playmobil Pirates Ship 5135, or the Playmobil Pirate Adventure Island 5134.

    This mother/baby combo is more than meets the eye! Use as a water squirter! Changes color underwater! What fun for bath time, swim time or any time!

    Octopii tentacles are posed in a playful arrangement and look like they're floating deep in the ocean somewhere. Each tentacle features the trademark suction-cup texture octopii are known for.

    Set includes:

    • Larger black octopus with yellow eyes and red painted skin texture
    • Smaller orange octopus with yellow eyes

    Recommended for ages four and up.
    Choking hazard: not for infants under three years of age.

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