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Shop for John Deere Toy Tractors, Toy Farm Animals, Schleich Farm Animals and more.

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  1. Playmobil 3 Yellow Lion Knights 7535

    Playmobil 3 Yellow Lion Knights 7535


    Be ready for anything, including war, with these men that will face whatever comes their way in replicated medieval style and form.

    Dressed in their Playmobil Yellow and White Clan colors these Lion Knights are ready for anything that comes in their direction. Together the three of them will battle other clans and families in defense of their homes and castles, save princesses and defend local towns from fire breathing dragons that threaten to burn everything down.

    Playmobils 3 Yellow Lion Knights are only a mere 2 ¾” tall but what they lacks in size is easily overcompensated in power and numbers. With a little imagination and creativity the possibilities are endless for these young Knights and their adventures.

    Combine them, with the help of their Yellow Lion Knight Leader and Head Clansman to storm castle walls, train by day and night and be ready to defend their land or invade faraway places at the drop of an armored helmet.  

    PlayMobils 3 Yellow Lion Knights Feature:

    • (3) 2 ¾” Tall Figures
    • Distinctly Different Uniforms
    • Yellow, White and Black Lion Clan Colors
    • Battle Armor and Gear
    • Medieval Weaponry

    Small Parts -Choking Hazard

    Not for children under 3 years of Age


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  2. Playmobil Pirates Commander With Armory 5136

    Playmobil Pirates Commander With Armory 5136


    Shipwrecked on a desert island? No problem with the PLAYMOBIL® PIRATES COMMANDER WITH ARMORY!  It’s a good day to talk like Captain Jack with an Arg! Arg! Arg! Let the fun begin as the cannon fires on the ship getting too close to the pirates’ lair. And if we miss who cares? We’re armed to the teeth with the array of weapons. Bury the treasure in the sand and then dig it back up again.

    Your little buccaneer’s set includes:

    • Three Pirate Figures
    • Swords, Guns & Ammo
    • Tools
    • Barrel
    • Treasure Box
    • Cannon
    • Additional Accessories

    Recommended for Ages 4-10
    Warning: Choking Hazard. Small Parts. Not For Children Under 3 Years.

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  3. Playmobil Ice Cream Man 7492

    Playmobil Ice Cream Man 7492


    Imagine playing ball outside with your friends and then, suddenly in the distance, you hear the faint music as the ice cream mans’ vehicle approaches your street.  Everyone stops what they are doing, run inside their homes begging for change, and then as fast as you can – you run back outside hoping to catch the vehicle before he passes your house, just to sample that cool, smooth ice cream on a hot summers day.

    Now, with the help of PlayMobil, you can bring that same feeling to children all over your PlayMobil Town by using the Ice Cream Man and his portable store. Travel about on your bright blue bike as you roll around the streets offering several different flavors of ice cream to the locals. If you wish, park on a curb, raise your colorful checkered umbrella for shade and wait for your customers to come to you. Use the provide scoop and accessories to dish out everyone’s favorite flavors. When you’re finished for the day, close the clear plastic see through lid and ride back home to your family to enjoy the evening.


    • Colorful Tri Cycle Bike with Ice Cream Compartment
    • Checkered Umbrella for shade
    • Variety of Ice Cream Flavors
    • One 2 ¾” Colorful and Uniformed Ice Cream Man Figure
    • Misc. Supplies and Accessories

    Choking Hazard

    Not for children under 3 years of Age


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  4. Playmobil Underwater Motor 5159

    Playmobil Underwater Motor 5159


    Put your favorite Playmobil water toy into action! This underwater motor from Playmobil will add fun and excitement to bath time, swim time, or any time!

    • Same as Playmobil Underwater Motor #7350 - packaging updated.
    • Requires one AA battery (not included).
    • Recommended for ages four and up.
    • Not for children under the age of 3.
    • 7.6 x 1.4 x 5.5 inches

    Compatible with these Playmobil sets and more available at Rural King:
    Family Speedboat (159010433)
    Deep Sea Submarine with Underwater Motor (159010370)
    Galley (159010859)
    Pirates Ship (159010295)
    Car Ferry (159010325)
    Police Speedboat (159010631)
    ...and more!

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  5. Playmobil Pegasus 6265

    Playmobil Pegasus 6265


    Imagine soaring through the skies riding on the back of a beautiful pink winged steed while gliding back and forth looking upon your Princess Fantasy Castle. Hold on tight to the white mane as you swoop down to land in the court yard, ready to start your day.

    PlayMobil has created a beautiful pink bodied Pegasus horse that you can do just that on. With details such as its’ mystical, magical wings and grey eyes with fluttery long painted eyelashes the imagination is sure to create a magical fantasy world for creative playtime.

    Choking Hazard — Not for children under 3 years of Age

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  6. Ertl 1:64 John Deere 8360RT Tracked Tractor 45323

    Ertl 1:64 John Deere 8360RT Tracked Tractor 45323

    • Die cast body construction
    • Clear window to show the detailed interior
    • Soft plastic tracks that rotate
    • 1/64 implements will attach to the tractor
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  7. Playmobil Canopy Bed With Rocking Chair 6302

    Playmobil Canopy Bed With Rocking Chair 6302


    After a long day of dancing, dreaming, and being charming and enchanting, a princess needs her beauty sleep! Relax at bedtime in a beautiful rocking chair and wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed in a canopy bed fit for royalty.

    Four-poster bed features white headboard and footboard with gold embellishments. A pink bedspread and two-tone pink canopy decorate the bed for a plush appearance. Top of the canopy is adorned with a golden crown.

    Rocking chair is metallic gold with matching pink accents for a complete suite

    Recommended for ages four and up.
    Choking hazard: not for infants under three years of age.

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  8. Ertl 1:64 Case IH 5488 FWA Tractor 14824

    Ertl 1:64 Case IH 5488 FWA Tractor 14824


    On May 14th, 1985 the last International Harvester 5488 Tractor rolled off the lines prior to Case and IH merging.  Offered at a 1:64 scale, Ertl has made it possible for everyone to own a modeled piece of Farm Machinery History.

    Young and Old alike will enjoy this small scaled model. Whether kept as a collectors piece, or opened and enjoyed by a childs hands, with a Die Cast body construction and extreme attention to details Ertl has gone above and beyond in duplicating this massive machine. The clear windows in the cabin allow for even an experts eyes to examine the details on the inside of the tractor.

    Painted in the famous International Harvester Red and Black scheme this tractor sports Large Dual Free moving tires. The IH Tractor with Duals was the first large tractor offered in All Wheel Drive. With the Dual tires, and specific tread it could basically plow through any type of soil allowing farmers to start early and then stay in the fields late through the seasons. Front wheel Assist tires and Oscillation Front Axle combines for a smooth and effective rotation and ride.  The original IH 5488 Tractor rated at 187 PTO Horse Power and used an IH Drive Train with a 466 Engine.

    It doesn't matter if your going to open the package and handle this tractor or keep it closed and sealed, adding to a collection, the IH 5488 will enhance and entice any atmosphere. Children and adults alike will delight in Ertl's fine attention to details and specifications.


    • Die-Cast Body Construction
    • Clear Windows
    • Oscillation Front Axle
    • Front Wheel Assist Tires
    • Dual Treaded Large Tires
    • 1/64 scaled
    • Recommended for ages 3 and up.
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  9. Playmobil Playground Equipment 6223

    Playmobil Playground Equipment 6223


    A trip to the Playmobil® Playground will be complete with the Playmobil® Playground Equipment. Parents can watch from beneath the shade tree as the kids whiz down the slide, spin on the merry-go-round and shovel in the sandbox. There is even a skate board for the adventurous types. Mom or Dad might even want to take a ride!

    Your set will include:

    • Shade Tree
    • Slide
    • Sandbox Toys
    • Merry Go Round
    • Skate Board

    Ages 4-10
    Not for children under the age of 3. 

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  10. Playmobil 3 Emperor Penguins With Babies 6259

    Playmobil 3 Emperor Penguins With Babies 6259


    The largest of all penguin species, the Emperor Penguin is a magnificent and very popular addition to any zoo. With this set of Two Emperor Penguins with Babies, you can now bring these fascinating creatures to your Playmobil zoo. Set includes two adults and four babies. Your new aquatic birds are going to get hungry, so fish and crab have been included. And to complete their enclosure, set also features a large rock.

    This set makes a great addition to the following Playmobil sets (sold separately): Superset Penguin Habitat (4013), Penguins Pool (5926), and Large Zoo (4850).

    Key Features:

    • Two adult penguins
    • Four penguin chicks
    • Rock feature
    • Fish and crab

    Choking hazards - small parts

    Recommended for Ages Four and Up.

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