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Shop for John Deere Toy Tractors, Toy Farm Animals, Schleich Farm Animals and more.

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  1. Playmobil Zoo Fencing 7476

    Playmobil Zoo Fencing 7476


    Elephants, Tigers and Panda Bears?

    Whether you are taking on the largest animal or the smallest animal, trust in the safest fencing for your Zoo.

    PlayMobils fencing is designed to keep the critters in and the curious humans out. Surrounded by these see through panels, none of the activities will be missed. Dappled throughout the landscape, the rocks and plants create a true to life natural preserve.

    Take your munchkins to the Zoo for the day knowing they will be safe while enjoying a visit with multiple different species.  Work for or own your own Zoo, bringing in the types of animals you would like to see. Manage their daily care and health. Provide for them the best and safest possible environment.  Just add in your animals and create a sanctuary. The possibilities are endless – build a creative play scenario while using your imagination.

    Choking Hazard — Not for children under 3 years of Age


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  2. Ertl Steiger Pink Panther Series III 4WD Tractor 14702

    Ertl Steiger Pink Panther Series III 4WD Tractor 14702

    Yes, you really are seeing a pink Steiger. A real farmer had his Steiger painted pink to match his wife's car! Constructed from quality and durable diecast, this tractor allows the farmer's daughter to have as much fun as the farmer's son. Learn More
  3. Ertl John Deere Grain Semi 1/64 15978

    Ertl John Deere Grain Semi 1/64 15978


    Collectors of farm and construction die-cast replicas will enjoy the functioning features of this scale model!

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  4. Playmobil Medium Dragon 7481

    Playmobil Medium Dragon 7481


    The King has issued his orders to have you exterminated, leaving you with the all-important survival decision to make … fight or take flight.

    Swoop down from high up in the sky, blowing flames from your terrifying mouth as you take on the knights that have come to defeat you.

    PlayMobil has designed and created this Medium Dragon (measures 30x24x15 cm) to assist in using the imagination, adding a heightened experience while playing with the Playmobil Knights Collection. Stories from Medieval Times speak of battles, Dragons, Princesses and Knights in shining armor. Now you can create some of your own unique stories during playtime, using your imagination and creativity.

    Exhibiting a wonderful bright Teal body with green belly and matching teal eyes, this Medium Dragon will bring out the creativity in just about any child.  Mix and Match the character with other PlayMobil Dragons in different colors and sizes to create an entire Dragon Den. Pretend they are a family. Pretend they are dangerous. Pretend they are your friends that will help you battle your enemies while riding on their backs or just fly high in the sky through the white fluffy clouds, looking down upon your kingdom below, making sure all is as it should be.

    Set up some of the other Knight Figurines, Cannons with Balls, Castle and Action Figures to create an entire PlayMobil Medieval Town with Kings and Queens, princesses and princes too.

    Choking Hazard — Not for children under 3 years of Age


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  5. Playmobil Knight Family 7757

    Playmobil Knight Family 7757


    Add a bit of whimsy to your favorite Playmobil sets with the Knight Family. Features four figures: one knight father, one princess mother, and two children. Each character is dressed in vibrant ornate outfits, and each has a delightful accessory. Mom and Dad have keys and a shield. The children have a stick horse and play shield and play sword.

    Whether adding them to your castle sets or simply enjoying them as standalone toys, these cheerful characters will brighten your child’s day and inspire hours of imaginative role playing fun. Set makes a wonderful addition to the following Playmobil sets (sold separately): Princess Fantasy Castle 5142, Medieval House with Barn 7145, and Lion Knights Castle 4865.

    Key Features:
    Four figures: knight father, princess mother, and two children
    Vibrant colors
    Additional accessories, including helmet, keys, shield, and stick horse

    Choking hazards - Small parts - Not for children under three years of age.

    Recommended for Ages Four and Up.

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  6. Playmobil Extension For Western Fort 6270

    Playmobil Extension For Western Fort 6270


    Have you taken on too many prisoners and run out of room in your fort?

    Maybe the outlander Pioneers need some extra protection due to rumored Indian Raids.

    Now you can add on much needed space by simply purchasing the Extension for PlayMobils Western Fort.  Designed to fit and comply with the traditional FortBrave these easy to assemble pieces are a quick fix for lack of area. Use the added space for captives, crew, guest, campfires even ammunition storage...the possibilities are endless.

    Choking Hazard — Not for children under 3 years of Age

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  7. Playmobil Tent and Camping Equipment 7260

    Playmobil Tent and Camping Equipment 7260


    Gather the family and head into the great outdoors for some wholesome quality time. 

    With PlayMobils Tent and Camping Equipment your supplies are provided, all you need to worry about is hiding the cell phones and modern technology so that you can sit around a campfire, hike trails and swim in the rivers without technological interruption.  

    The Tent and Camping Equipment was designed to complement the “Summer Fun” toy sets created and designed by PlayMobil, but camping is an activity that can be enjoyed during the entire year. No matter the weather or Season, spending time outdoors is an activity that the whole family can enjoy while promoting healthy daily choices.


    • Bright Pink Tent with Yellow Base
    • White Folding Table
    • Red Folding Chairs
    • Grill with Grilling Accessories
    • Blue Dishes, Coffee Mugs, Cups, Silverware
    • Picnic Basket with Goodies
    • Several Different Types of Fish for Grilling

    Choking Hazard

    Not for children under 3 years of Age


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  8. Playmobil 2 Tigers With Cub 7997

    Playmobil 2 Tigers With Cub 7997



    Include these mighty and powerful Tigers in your PlayMobil Wildlife display. Designed with raw, natural power in mind, PlayMobils Tigers naturally stalk in grace and elegance as they explore their surroundings. These stealthy and fierce mammals pray silently without a moment’s hesitation. Bred for natural camouflage in their native environment these tigers have been known to survive during some of the harshest times using their clever stripes to blend in to their surroundings. Even so, Tigers in the Wild are threatened and need kind human interaction to help ensure their safety and longevity.  

    This trio can entertain as you observe their habits. Watch for hours as the baby tiger displays all the curiosity of new found life. Exploring and learning about the surrounding world is this baby’s task at hand. Guarded by his parents, he will grow to be a strong and deadly hunter.

    Extinct in parts of the world, the tiger is an impressive animal worthy of our protection. Incorporate them in your own zoo or wildlife preserve, dedicating your facilities mission to their survival.  Build a creative play senerio and use your imagination for hours of entertaining play time. The possibilities are endless. 


    • Two Adult Tigers with Open Mouths and Moveable Legs
    • One Baby Tiger with Moveable Legs

    Choking Hazard — Not for children under 3 years of Age




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  9. Playmobil Room Interior For Large Furnished Hotel (5265) 6297

    Playmobil Room Interior For Large Furnished Hotel (5265) 6297


    Your hotel is overbooked, there are too many guest and not enough room for them.  You are in incredible demand as a Hotel Manager and now you need to provide for all the people who wish to use your superior services.

    After you have purchased the Hotel Extension, or if you just want to change up the décor, use PlayMobils Room Interior for their Large Furnished Hotel and add a little luxury to your room. With a spacious bed, clean, soft linen and modern amenities you cannot go wrong.


    • Spacious Double Bed
    • Shower
    • Towels
    • Sink with Mirror
    • Toilet for the Privy
    • Alarm Clock
    • Modern Television
    • Side Table and Chair
    • Fashionable Rug
    • Misc. Accessories

    Not for children under the age of 3.

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  10. Playmobil Whale 7998

    Playmobil Whale 7998


    The Sperm Whale is one of the largest and most magnificent animals on Earth and now you can have a replica of one for your very own aquatic and oceanic play environment. At an impressive 34cm (approx. 13") long, and water resistant, your child can take him in the tub; play with him outside in the puddles or even in the pool. Even his genuine realistic mouth opens and closes, mimicking the real, true to life movement.

    Beautifully detailed with the noticeable “Box Car” head, blowhole pointing to the left and a dorsal fin that resembles more of a rounded hump, this breed stands out from the rest of the known species of whales.  PlayMobils replica of the Sperm Whale represents one of the largest carnivores on earth that live anywhere from 50 to 70 years of age.

    Increase creative playtime scenarios by adding some of PlayMobils others Wildlife Aquatic animals such as the Dolphin with Calf, Orca Whale or even the Octopus with Baby and help them create an entire ocean of wildlife animals.


    • One Whale from the “Wild Life” PlayMobil Series 

    Choking Hazard — Not for children under 3 years of Age



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