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Shop for John Deere Toy Tractors, Toy Farm Animals, Schleich Farm Animals and more.

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  1. Playmobil Pizzeria 6291

    Playmobil Pizzeria 6291


    Set up and Operate your very own original Pizzeria! Make any pizza pie your way!

    PlayMobil has given you all the necessary equipment to do just that!  Organize all your supplies, set up the storefront using PlayMobils Storefront with Awning and start taking orders.  This wonderful set is fully compatible and is designed to complement the “City Life” themed PlayMobil toys.


    • Pizza Sign
    • Calendars
    • Cheese
    • Tomato Sauce
    • Toppings
    • Brick Oven with Fire
    • Pizzas
    • Work Stations
    • And other Misc Supplies

    Not for children under the age of 3. 


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  2. Playmobil Extension For Princess Fantasy Castle (5142) 6236

    Playmobil Extension For Princess Fantasy Castle (5142) 6236


    Make room for more imagination with Playmobil’s Extension for Princess Fantasy Castle. With this piece, you can extend the main living quarters of your castle by one whole level. This level provides the royal family with an open-air balcony area, perfect for dancing during the day and enjoying the stars at night. Level includes ornate windows and a wall sconce. With this piece, extend the fun and add to the fairytale story.

    This toy is part of the Direct Service series of add-ons and accessories. Therefore, it may be packaged in a simple cardboard box instead of the standard colorful Playmobil box.

    Key Features:

    • Level Extension for the Princess Fantasy Castle (sold separately)
    • Open-air balcony
    • Includes ornate windows and wall sconce

    Recommended for Ages Four and Up. 

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  3. Playmobil Tower Extension For Castle (4865 and 4866) 7478

    Playmobil Tower Extension For Castle (4865 and 4866) 7478


    Are people all over the countryside coming for your Clans aid and protection?

    Has your Kingdoms population grown since you took over?

    If you have run out of space in the Falcons Knight Castle and Lions Knight Castle from Playmobil this Tower Extension will give you the much desired room you crave, especially if you are surrounded by a moat and cannot extend your castle walls any further out.

    Use your new Tower as an extra lookout while watching for your enemies or a place for your troops to settle in for the night while getting rested for the next day’s training and adventures.  Keep prisoners there, safely away from the rest of your population, until they are brought to justice or traded back in peace treaties.  Lock up the Princess while she awaits her knight in shining armor.

    The possibilities are endless – build a creative play scenario while using your imagination

    Choking Hazard — Not for children under 3 years of Age


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  4. Ertl John Deere Lights and Sound 46048

    Ertl John Deere Lights and Sound 46048


    Little kids will love getting in on the John Deere fun! This 12" tractor is made for kids 3 and up!

    The Ertl JD tractor is already a great toy with a realistic look and feel. Add the excitement of LIGHTS and SOUNDS and your little one will have a blast for hours on end!

    Featuring LED lights, this is the only Lights 'n' Sounds model with LED!

    • Three play options with motion-activated lights and sounds.
    • Horn activated by push-button on the tractor cab.
    • Switch turns off motion activated sounds.

    Ertl toys is licensed by John Deere, so you know you're getting a quality toy!

    • 13 x 7 x 9 inches
    • 3 AA Batteries required, included.
    • Recommended for ages 3 to 7.
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  5. Playmobil Fire Trailer 7485

    Playmobil Fire Trailer 7485


    Gather all the necessary equipment, load up the trucks with manpower and head out to fight the fire.

    Sometimes there is just not enough room for everything you need to take with you. Now you can add on the PlayMobil Fire Trailer 112 to your Fire Station and Trucks for that extra storage space needed to keep all your supplies in working order and within easy reach when they are needed.

    This awesome Fire Trailer is covered in working, opening and closing, compartments for storage and gear. Extra extension ladders, hoses and hand tools complement any Firefighters tool box of accessories.  Tow it along with the attached hitch right behind your other trucks headed to battle the blaze to guarantee it will all be there right when you need it!


    • One Fire Trailer with Hitch
    • Dual Rotating Hose and Reels
    • Extension Ladders
    • Opening/ Closing Compartments & Drawers
    • Axe/ Shovel / Push Broom
    • Misc. Equipment and Tools

    Choking Hazard

    Not for children under 3 years of Age


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  6. Playmobil Horse-Drawn Carriage With Cavalry Rider 5249

    Playmobil Horse-Drawn Carriage With Cavalry Rider 5249


    The wagon it hitched up and the horses are mounted. The flag is proudly displayed. The cavalry trumpet has sounded. Now, it’s time to ride out into battle! Bring home the Horse-Drawn Carriage Cavalry Rider set and bring home a new world of role playing fun.

    This set includes three soldier figures and three horses. Figures come equipped with everything needed to face battle: rifles, pistol, swords, binoculars, and more. Carriage attaches easily to the horses and features working wheels. Unhitch the functioning cannon from the carriage and prepare to fire. Light the fuse with the play torch and stand back!

    Engaging figures and functions will inspire hours of fun and learning. Students’ hand-eye coordination and strategic thinking will be strengthened as they explore imaginative role playing. Great standalone fun or combine it with other sets from Playmobil’s Western series (sold separately).

    Recommended for Ages Four and Up. Measures 9.8” x 3.9” x 7.9”

    Key Features:

    • Three figures
    • Three horses with carriage
    • Functioning cannon
    • Additional accessories, including rifles, swords, flag, and torch.
    • Measures: 9.8” x 3.9” x 7.9”
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  7. Ertl John Deere Power Trimmer 35813

    Ertl John Deere Power Trimmer 35813

    • Power the motor by pulling on the retractable cord
    • Press the button for real weed clipping action
    • No batteries required
    • Recommended for ages 18+ months
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  8. Playmobil Sheriff's Office 7378

    Playmobil Sheriff's Office 7378


    Quick! Call the Sheriff! Gather a Posse! The gang has blown a hole through the side of the building and hes escaped!

    Every old west town had to have a Sheriff around for law and order and now you can have one too. PlayMobil has designed the perfect building to complement your town. With period correct architecture and attention to detail, this building is sure to please every wrangler in your life.

    Vertical planked siding, front porch for sitting, hitching rails for the horses, working front door and working latches on the jail cell are some of what makes this jail period correct. Each detailed piece designed with the user in mind.

    The Sheriffs Office is an add on accessory to the Western Line of PlayMobil toys. Build an entire Western town by complementing it with a School house or Saloon. Dont forget to add the Horses and Cattle! Cowboys, Sheriff and townsfolk can all be purchased seperately. Designed for ages 4 and Up.

    Product Features:

    • Open Rear Side for ease of access
    • Jail Cell with working latch and bars
    • Barred Windows
    • Escape Wall
    • Wanted Posters
    • Desk / Chair
    • Lamp
    • Gun Case
    • Misc Accessories

    Warning - Choking Hazard - Small Parts Included - Not for children under 3

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  9. Playmobil Stable Extension For Large Horse Farm With Paddock (5221) 6254

    Playmobil Stable Extension For Large Horse Farm With Paddock (5221) 6254


    With Playmobil’s Stable Extension (6254), you’ll be able to add one more happy home for your growing herd. Extension attaches easily to the Large Horse Farm with Paddock 5221 (sold separately). This addition provides an indoor and outdoor area for your newest equestrian friend. Just like the stables of the original structure, this extension includes a loft area, working doors, feed trough, and luxurious styling. Locks on both the paddock gate and the stable door keep your horse safe and secure.

    Key Features:

    • Stable Extension for Large Horse Farm with Paddock 5221 (sold separately)
    • Working gates and locks
    • Indoor and outdoor holding
    • Loft area

    Choking hazards - small parts

    Recommended for Ages Four and Up.

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  10. Ertl John Deere Six Bottom Plow 1:16 45302

    Ertl John Deere Six Bottom Plow 1:16 45302


    Die cast metal six-bottom plow with plastic wheels, coulters, and moldboards.


    • Plow
    • John Deere collection
    • Metal and plastic construction
    • Furrow wheel
    • Front hitch
    • 1:16 Scale model
    • Age grade: 3 Years and up


    • 3" H x 10.5" W x 18.5" D, 1.4 lbs
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