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Shop for John Deere Toy Tractors, Toy Farm Animals, Schleich Farm Animals and more.

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  1. Playmobil Shepherd With Flock And Sheep 6204

    Playmobil Shepherd With Flock And Sheep 6204


    A great addition to many different Playmobil sets! Animal lovers, farm fanatics, medieval buffs and country folks alike will get a kick out of this add-on.

    This shepherd is loyally tending his flock. Shepherd's outfit style can go easily with the Playmobil Country line or the Medieval line.

    Goes great with sets like:

    • Playmobil Large Horse Farm With Paddock 159010277
    • Playmobil Lion Knight's Castle 159010250
    • and more!

    Set includes:

    • Shepherd with staff, hat, and cape
    • 2 white sheep
    • 1 black sheep
    • 2 white lambs
    • 1 dog

    One of many from the direct service line of accessories and add-ons.

    • Recommended for ages four and up.
    • Not for children under 3 years of age.
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  2. Playmobil Horse Stable 6258

    Playmobil Horse Stable 6258


    Your favorite Playmobil figure’s wish has finally come true: a new pony! Now, you are going to need a proper stable. Playmobil’s Horse Stable (6258) is just that! Rather taking your horse to compete at the State Fair or simple boarding her at night on the farm, this stable is both functional and versatile. Features a working gate and lovely yellow color scheme.

    Makes a great addition to any of the sets in Playmobil’s Country series (sold separately). Can also be used to help build a petting zoo using Playmobil City Life series (sold separately).

    Key Features:

    • Horse stable
    • Working gate
    • Durable plastic

    Choking hazards - small parts

    Recommended for Ages Four and Up.

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  3. Playmobil Dolphin With Calf 7363

    Playmobil Dolphin With Calf 7363


    Bottlenose dolphins are some of the most graceful and intelligent animals of the sea. Though they spend the entirety of their lives in the water, they, like their close relatives the whales, are mammals. Now, you can bring this incredible animal home to your Playmobil collection. Set includes an adult dolphin and calf. The adult dolphin features a hinged jaw, and both have movable tail fins.

    Rather playing with them in the bathtub or adding them to their state-of-the-art Playmobil zoo, your young zoologists are sure to enjoy this set for years to come. Also makes a fun addition to any of Playmobil’s large ships (sold separately), including Pirates Ship 5135 and Galley 7512.

    Key Features:

    • Two dolphins: one adult, and one calf
    • Durable plastic
    • Movable tail fins
    • Adult has hinged jaw

    Small Parts - Choking Hazard

    Not for children under 3 years of age.

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  4. Theo Klein Bosch Accessory 3 Piece Set  8237

    Theo Klein Bosch Accessory 3 Piece Set 8237


    Product Features

    Great set for all those little carpenters. Comes with safety goggles, work gloves and ear protectors.

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  5. Ertl 1:64 Case IH 5488 FWA Tractor 14824

    Ertl 1:64 Case IH 5488 FWA Tractor 14824


    On May 14th, 1985 the last International Harvester 5488 Tractor rolled off the lines prior to Case and IH merging.  Offered at a 1:64 scale, Ertl has made it possible for everyone to own a modeled piece of Farm Machinery History.

    Young and Old alike will enjoy this small scaled model. Whether kept as a collectors piece, or opened and enjoyed by a childs hands, with a Die Cast body construction and extreme attention to details Ertl has gone above and beyond in duplicating this massive machine. The clear windows in the cabin allow for even an experts eyes to examine the details on the inside of the tractor.

    Painted in the famous International Harvester Red and Black scheme this tractor sports Large Dual Free moving tires. The IH Tractor with Duals was the first large tractor offered in All Wheel Drive. With the Dual tires, and specific tread it could basically plow through any type of soil allowing farmers to start early and then stay in the fields late through the seasons. Front wheel Assist tires and Oscillation Front Axle combines for a smooth and effective rotation and ride.  The original IH 5488 Tractor rated at 187 PTO Horse Power and used an IH Drive Train with a 466 Engine.

    It doesn't matter if your going to open the package and handle this tractor or keep it closed and sealed, adding to a collection, the IH 5488 will enhance and entice any atmosphere. Children and adults alike will delight in Ertl's fine attention to details and specifications.


    • Die-Cast Body Construction
    • Clear Windows
    • Oscillation Front Axle
    • Front Wheel Assist Tires
    • Dual Treaded Large Tires
    • 1/64 scaled
    • Recommended for ages 3 and up.
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  6. New Ray Classic Funtime Horse Playset SS-37105B

    New Ray Classic Funtime Horse Playset SS-37105B


    The perfect gift for your little cowgirl! Brightly colored in a pink, purple, and orange theme, your cowgirl will find lots of enjoyment with this gift! It features two cowgirls on horseback, a pink four-wheeler, and various farm tools.

    Warning: Choking hazard - Small parts included - Not for children under 3

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  7. Schleich Shire Mare 13735

    Schleich Shire Mare 13735

    • Measures approximately 4.75 inches.
    • Part of the Farm Life Series by Schleich. The art work and detail are beautiful on this hand painted figure.
    • Approximately 1:20 scale.
    • Made of durable synthetic material. Hand Painted.
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  8. Playmobil Paddock 7900

    Playmobil Paddock 7900


    Any farmer, animal lover, and rancher knows the value of a good fence.  This free-standing fence from Playmobil makes a great paddock to rally up all kinds of animals and livestock.  Three-board fence in a natural wood tone.

    Recommended for ages four and up.
    Choking hazard - Small parts - Not for children under three years of age.

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  9. Playmobil Housekeeping Service 5271

    Playmobil Housekeeping Service 5271


    The mark of any great hotel is a superb housekeeping service. Make sure your guests' rooms are as clean and sparkling as your own! This set includes everything you need to maintain a clean hotel, including the housekeeper!

    Accompanies PLAYMOBIL Large Furnished Hotel (#5265).

    Set includes:

    • Housekeeper figure with uniform
    • Housekeeping cart
    • Washing machine with opening door
    • Laundry hamper
    • Iron with folding ironing board
    • Vacuum
    • Broom and dustpan
    • Bucket
    • Cleaning Supplies
    • Towels
    • Plunger

    Recommended for ages four and up.
    Not for children under the age of 3

    5.98 x 5.98 x 2.13 inches

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  10. Schleich Asian Elephant Female 14654

    Schleich Asian Elephant Female 14654


    Asian elephants are not as large as their African relatives. In addition, they also have smaller ears.

    These elephants never stay more than a few days in one place and have different habitants which are, however, always near thicket forests. Asian elephants live in family groups made up of two to ten elephants. Like with African elephants, the groups are led by an alpha female who makes sure that all members of the herd follow the group's rules. Experts think that elephants, thanks to their large brains, can empathize with other herd members and are able to retain information with ease such as the difference between individuals, memories of a drought or the location of good feeding grounds.

    • Dimensions: 2.2" L x 5.3" W x 3.3" H
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