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  1. Ertl 1/16 Big Farm John Deere 7430 Tractor 35633

    Ertl 1/16 Big Farm John Deere 7430 Tractor 35633


    Big is as Big does! Ertl's new Big Farm 1:16 sized vehicles is the only line of off-road toys designed with loads of detail that features lights and sounds play action. A great alternative to pricey die-cast modern day replicas, kids can enjoy hours of indoor and outdoor vehicle play with this line of durable tractors and equipment.

    A lights and sounds replica offering with opening hood, removable front weights, dual rear wheels, three point hitch. Rear cab window opens to give access to the interior's steering wheel. Cab will be removable to provide access to the battery door. Removable dual rear wheels will be removable. Compatible with other 1:16 implements.

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  2. Playmobil Extension For Princess Fantasy Castle (5142) 6236

    Playmobil Extension For Princess Fantasy Castle (5142) 6236


    Make room for more imagination with Playmobil’s Extension for Princess Fantasy Castle. With this piece, you can extend the main living quarters of your castle by one whole level. This level provides the royal family with an open-air balcony area, perfect for dancing during the day and enjoying the stars at night. Level includes ornate windows and a wall sconce. With this piece, extend the fun and add to the fairytale story.

    This toy is part of the Direct Service series of add-ons and accessories. Therefore, it may be packaged in a simple cardboard box instead of the standard colorful Playmobil box.

    Key Features:

    • Level Extension for the Princess Fantasy Castle (sold separately)
    • Open-air balcony
    • Includes ornate windows and wall sconce

    Recommended for Ages Four and Up. 

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  3. Playmobil Sheriff's Office 7378

    Playmobil Sheriff's Office 7378


    Quick! Call the Sheriff! Gather a Posse! The gang has blown a hole through the side of the building and hes escaped!

    Every old west town had to have a Sheriff around for law and order and now you can have one too. PlayMobil has designed the perfect building to complement your town. With period correct architecture and attention to detail, this building is sure to please every wrangler in your life.

    Vertical planked siding, front porch for sitting, hitching rails for the horses, working front door and working latches on the jail cell are some of what makes this jail period correct. Each detailed piece designed with the user in mind.

    The Sheriffs Office is an add on accessory to the Western Line of PlayMobil toys. Build an entire Western town by complementing it with a School house or Saloon. Dont forget to add the Horses and Cattle! Cowboys, Sheriff and townsfolk can all be purchased seperately. Designed for ages 4 and Up.

    Product Features:

    • Open Rear Side for ease of access
    • Jail Cell with working latch and bars
    • Barred Windows
    • Escape Wall
    • Wanted Posters
    • Desk / Chair
    • Lamp
    • Gun Case
    • Misc Accessories

    Warning - Choking Hazard - Small Parts Included - Not for children under 3

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  4. Bruder MAN TGA Tip Up Dump Truck 02765

    Bruder MAN TGA Tip Up Dump Truck 02765


    Bruder's excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail returns in this dump truck. The sturdy design means you can load up this large truck and haul material all around the yard or home. The strong wheels and the treaded tires make navigating any obstacle outdoors easy. Constructed with ABS plastic, this truck can take an absolute pounding and remain intact, perfect for any rough young boys. Not only does the bed of the truck raise up (allowing you to dump material) but the cab tilts forward as well. This reveals the engine block which was modeled with accuracy in mind. You can't go wrong with Bruder toys! This truck is a great tool to help teach your child about work through play, or just let him relax and have fun. Add this dump truck to your Bruder collection and watch your children play and grow.

    Made in Germany

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  5. Playmobil Princess Carriage 6237

    Playmobil Princess Carriage 6237


    What's a fairytale without a beautiful horse-drawn carriage? Complete the story with this exquisite Princess Carriage. Every detail is considered for a truly grand and luxurious carriage perfect for transporting the princess to the ball.

    A fantastic addition to any of the Playmobil Princess sets.


    • The snow white carriage is accented with metallic gold embellishments from the latern and crop to the wheels.
    • Two white horses with silver manes pull the carriage with refined grace.
    • Royal blue upholstery gives the carriage an elegant appearance.
    • Red roses adorn the sides of the carriage for a romantic ambience.

    Recommended for ages four and up.
    Choking hazard: not for infants under three years of age.

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  6. Playmobil Water Tower 6215

    Playmobil Water Tower 6215


    Provide one of the most important substances for life by using a PlayMobil Water Tower on your dry Farm or in your dusty Old West Town!

    The PlayMobil Water Tower is an sold additional accessory built to enhance a childs play time. Originally designed for use in the Old Western Town, it can be intermingled with PlayMobils Farm line as well. Use it to store water for the townsfolk and/or the animals they use to complete everyday tasks. Water the crops, wet the dusty roads or put out unruly fires, water is a necessity.

    Made of a high quality plastic, after play time clean up is a cinch!


    • Realistic details
    • Ladders
    • Spout
    • Spicket
    • Working Hatch for viewing Water Level
    • Wood Safety Railings

    Choking Hazard — Not for children under 3 years of Age

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  7. Playmobil Explorer And Triceratops With Baby 5234

    Playmobil Explorer And Triceratops With Baby 5234


    Get up close and personal while staying safe and view one of the most amazing dinosaurs that ever exisited, the great Triceratops!

    Mother and baby travel about on their own terms and as a researcher it is up to you to observe their habits without interfearing. Now you can safely hide in an empty tree trunk while watching them with your very own PlayMobil Triceratops and Baby with Explorer action figures.

    Check out other PlayMobil Dinos sets to complete an entire Prehistoric world that will allow your childs imagination grow and develop such as:Stegosaurus with Hatchign Eggs and  Brachiosaurus with Baby.

    Since 1974, 2.6 Billion PlayMobil Sets and Action Figures have been distributed in 80 different Countries all around the World. Designed for children and adults alike, 4 and up, have collected, played with and enjoyed PlayMobil for generations.

    Set Includes:

    • (1) Mother Triceratops
    • (1) Baby Triceratops
    • (1) 2 3/4" Explorer Action Figure
    • (1) Tree
    • (1) Hollow Trunk for Hiding In
    • (1) Special Camera for Taking Pictures
    • (1) Set of Binoculars
    • (2) Prehistoric Bugs

    Special Features:

    • Both Mother and Baby Triceratops have Moveable Legs
    • Mother Triceratops has realistic moveable head that raises and lowers

    Warning - Choking Hazard - Small parts included - Not for children under 3

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  8. Playmobil Horse-Drawn Carriage With Cavalry Rider 5249

    Playmobil Horse-Drawn Carriage With Cavalry Rider 5249


    The wagon it hitched up and the horses are mounted. The flag is proudly displayed. The cavalry trumpet has sounded. Now, it’s time to ride out into battle! Bring home the Horse-Drawn Carriage Cavalry Rider set and bring home a new world of role playing fun.

    This set includes three soldier figures and three horses. Figures come equipped with everything needed to face battle: rifles, pistol, swords, binoculars, and more. Carriage attaches easily to the horses and features working wheels. Unhitch the functioning cannon from the carriage and prepare to fire. Light the fuse with the play torch and stand back!

    Engaging figures and functions will inspire hours of fun and learning. Students’ hand-eye coordination and strategic thinking will be strengthened as they explore imaginative role playing. Great standalone fun or combine it with other sets from Playmobil’s Western series (sold separately).

    Recommended for Ages Four and Up. Measures 9.8” x 3.9” x 7.9”

    Key Features:

    • Three figures
    • Three horses with carriage
    • Functioning cannon
    • Additional accessories, including rifles, swords, flag, and torch.
    • Measures: 9.8” x 3.9” x 7.9”
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  9. Playmobil Light Set For Grand Mansion (5302) 7484

    Playmobil Light Set For Grand Mansion (5302) 7484


    Light up your Childs’ playtime by providing real working lights in the PlayMobil Grand Mansion.  Now you can provide the much desired lighting that gives a home realistic appeal and warmth.  Each light set has enough material to fully furnish one floor of the Mansion.  Purchase separate sets to light up the entire Mansion.


    • Enough Material and accessories for one entire floor
    • (3) AAA 1.5 volt batteries not included.

    Choking Hazard — Not for children under 3 years of Age.

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  10. Playmobil My Secret Police Station Playbox 5421

    Playmobil My Secret Police Station Playbox 5421


    Capture the bad guys even when you’re on the go with the My Secret Police Station Play Box. This compact case opens to reveal a police station with jail cell, command center, and more. To start playing, simply use the enclosed key to unlock the box, fold open the top, sides, and base, and let the fun begin. When kids have finished fighting evil for the day, store each piece inside the case, fold everything back in, lock the box, and store the key in the underside of the set. Set includes two figures, jail cell with lockable door, police gear, surveillance monitor with microphone and keyboard, toilet and sink, cot, handcuffs, and other accessories. Dimensions Closed: 6.7 x 4.7 x 5.1 in (LxWxH). Dimensions Opened: 13 x 4.7 x 9.4 in (LxWxH).

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