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Farm Playsets

Farm Playsets

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  1. New Ray Classic Funtime Horse Pink Pick Up Truck & Trailer Set SS-37305A

    New Ray Classic Funtime Horse Pink Pick Up Truck & Trailer Set SS-37305A

    • Pickup with Horse Trailer
    • Two Horses with Riders
    • Fencing, barrels and hay for the horses
    • 1/32 Scale
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  2. Playmobil Bride And Groom 7497

    Playmobil Bride And Groom 7497


    March down the aisle way with your sweet heart as your family and friends gather around to wish you the best during your union of marriage.

    PlayMobil has created a beautiful 2 ¾” Bride and Groom action figure set to complement other play and action figure sets. Use them to cross the threshold of your newly built Suburban Home or Mansion. As they live and grow together so shall the strength and bond between them and later in life when they have a sweet PlayMobil family, they can look back on their special day in Marriage with fond memories.

    Here comes the Bride…Features:

    • Beautiful Blonde Hair and Flirty Brown eyes with Eyelashes
    • Lavender Floral Crown that matches her floral design on the Full White Tiered Dress
    • Beautiful Daisy and Lilly Bouquet

    Awaiting Groom … Features:

    • Sophisticated Top Hat
    • Tie with Suited Jacket and Bride Matching Lavender Floral Boutonniere
    • Proper Vest, Pressed Slacks and Shoes for Dancing in at the reception  

    Choking Hazard.

    Not for children under 3 years of Age.


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  3. Playmobil Barbecue Accessories 6245

    Playmobil Barbecue Accessories 6245


    After some fun in the sun, your family and guests are getting hungry! Serve up some delicious hamburgers and hot dogs hot off the grill. This set includes everything you need to grill up some juicy burgers and tasty hot dogs.

    A great addition to any of the City Life sets from Playmobil.

    Set includes:

    • Dome-type grill with drip lid, stand, and drip pan.
    • Patio table
    • Dishes and silverware
    • Trays
    • Grill tongs
    • Loaves of bread, hamburgers and hot dogs
    • "BBQ Chef" apron that can be clipped onto a Playmobil figure (figure not included)

    Recommended for ages four and up.
    Choking hazard: not for infants under three years of age.

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  4. Playmobil Cannons For Pirate Ship 7373

    Playmobil Cannons For Pirate Ship 7373


    You have the pirates and the ship, now you need the heavy weaponry. Protect your plunder with this set of two cannons from Playmobil. With the simple flip of the trigger, fire cannonballs at your enemy. Comes with two projectiles. The second cannon is not just any cannon, but one that fires a grappling hook. Hook onto other boats or use it to capture floating treasure! Grappling hook comes with a measure of rope.

    Perfect addition to these other sets from Playmobil’s Pirates series (each sold separately): Pirates Ship 5135, Pirate Adventure Island 5134, and Red Corsair 7518.

    Key Features:

    • One standard cannon with two projectiles
    • One grappling hook cannon with hook and rope
    • Easy to fire

    Choking hazards - small parts

    Not for children under 3 years of age.

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  5. Playmobil Princess Fantasy Castle 5142

    Playmobil Princess Fantasy Castle 5142


    Get swept away to Fantasy Castle!

    Find yourself exploring a majestic castle. Venture to the lily pond and kiss the frog! Wander the enchanted corridors, balcony, and tower. Endless hours of fairy-tale inspired playtime.

    Dress up for the ball with included child-size tiara, bracelet, and ring! Interchangeable pieces to match your outfit. Jewelry box included.


    • Delightful rose trellises and landscaping to adorn the exterior
    • Golden gateway
    • Sweeping staircase
    • Beautiful second story with balcony
    • Secret hideaway in the tower
    • Doors and windows open and close
    • Decadent Furniture for every room
    • Royal Throne
    • Chandelier
    • Sundial
    • Tea set and goblets for entertaining regal guests
    • Prince with hook and sword
    • Princess with ball gown and bow
    • Friendly animals including cats, butterfly and dragonfly
    • 592 pieces
    • Setup time approximately 2 hours.
    • 29.5"x 28"x 26"
    • Choking hazard: 
    • Recommended for ages 3 and up.
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  6. Playmobil Scary Ghosts 7482

    Playmobil Scary Ghosts 7482


    Trick or Treat night is approaching fast and what is more appropriate than having PlayMobils 2 3/4'” figures in costumes dressed as Scary Ghost.

    These two cute kiddos dressed as scary ghost will “liven” up your street. The elder child comes complete with a dragging ball and chain that makes the rattle noises as he glides through the streets.  Carrying a lantern for light, he guides the way for the youngest sibling trailing behind. Together they will go door to door haunting the community, collecting candy.


    • 2 PlayMobil Scary Ghost Figures

    Complete with ball and chain, lantern and ghost sheets

    Choking Hazard — Not for children under 3 years of Age


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  7. Playmobil Knight's Market Stand 7855

    Playmobil Knight's Market Stand 7855


    Ever wonder where knights got all their equipment in medieval times? They went shopping, of course!

    The Knights Market Stand is a one-stop shop for battle gear and home goods. Lots of items for sale that can be used with other sets from the Playmobil Knights line like the Lion Knights Castle (SKU# 159010250), Medieval Museum (SKU# 159010694), Bakery (SKU# 159010484), and more!

    A great way to complete a medieval Playmobi village!

    Set includes:

    • Market stand with striped awning
    • Loom with tapestry in progress and comb
    • Spinning wheel
    • Magic oil lamp
    • Dining-ware: Pitchers, mugs, bowls,
    • Axe with chopping block tree stump
    • Bows, crossbow, arrows, and quivers
    • Armor and shield
    • Lots of other medieval weapons including maces, daggers, swords, lances and more!

    A great way to complete a medieval Playmobi village!

    Recommended for ages four and up.
    Choking hazard: Not for infants under three years of age.

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  8. Playmobil Ice Cream Man 7492

    Playmobil Ice Cream Man 7492


    Imagine playing ball outside with your friends and then, suddenly in the distance, you hear the faint music as the ice cream mans’ vehicle approaches your street.  Everyone stops what they are doing, run inside their homes begging for change, and then as fast as you can – you run back outside hoping to catch the vehicle before he passes your house, just to sample that cool, smooth ice cream on a hot summers day.

    Now, with the help of PlayMobil, you can bring that same feeling to children all over your PlayMobil Town by using the Ice Cream Man and his portable store. Travel about on your bright blue bike as you roll around the streets offering several different flavors of ice cream to the locals. If you wish, park on a curb, raise your colorful checkered umbrella for shade and wait for your customers to come to you. Use the provide scoop and accessories to dish out everyone’s favorite flavors. When you’re finished for the day, close the clear plastic see through lid and ride back home to your family to enjoy the evening.


    • Colorful Tri Cycle Bike with Ice Cream Compartment
    • Checkered Umbrella for shade
    • Variety of Ice Cream Flavors
    • One 2 ¾” Colorful and Uniformed Ice Cream Man Figure
    • Misc. Supplies and Accessories

    Choking Hazard

    Not for children under 3 years of Age


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  9. Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Barn 3700

    Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Barn 3700


    Young MacDonalds will enjoy "down on the farm" fun with this fully assembled, wooden barn. Two-story barn is stocked with seven realistic plastic farm animals, a wooden ladder and a folding corral. Chunky handles let you take your bit of "country" wherever you go!

    Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:

    • Ask the child to name each farm animal and make the appropriate animal sound.
    • Ask the child to count the number of barn sections, animals, windows, etc.
    • Ask the child to manipulate the corral panels into different shapes and count the number of sides. A triangle (3), a square (4), a pentagon (5).
    • Place the animals in the corral, ask the child to study them, then to close his/her eyes. Hide one animal in the barn. Ask the child to open his/her eyes and identify the missing animal.
    • Hide all the animals from the child's sight, then secretly place one animal behind the sliding doors. Give hints to help the child identify the animal in the barn.


    Dimensions: 11.25" x 13.5" x 7" Assembled

    Recommended Ages: 3+ years

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  10. Playmobil Orangutan With Baby 6200

    Playmobil Orangutan With Baby 6200


    Orangutans are known for being one of the most intelligent primates. They use tools, build elaborate nests, and even have societal and cultural traits! Orangutans hang out in the trees most of the day.

    Found naturally in the rainforests of Asia, both species of Orangutan are endangered! Kids can learn about this amazing species and play with this interactive set from Playmobil.

    A fun addition to Playmobil play sets like the Playmobil Volcano, or any of the Zoo, Dinos or Wild Life series.

    Set includes:

    • Adult Orangutan with poseable head, arms, and legs
    • Baby Orangutan posed in a playful position

    Recommended for ages four and up.
    Not for children under the age of 3.

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