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US Stove 240 lb. Hopper Multi Fuel Furnace 8500

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US Stove 240 lb. Hopper Multi Fuel Furnace 8500

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The 240 lb. Hopper Multi Fuel Furnace 8500 is able to burn corn, pellets and other fuels. The multi-fuel furnace has twin blowers to distribute the heat. The multi-fuel furnace offers up to 105,000 BTU's, and will heat a home that is up to 2,800 sq. ft.

The 240 lb. Hopper is designed to be able to use in conjunction with your existing HVAC duct work, and will also work with your existing furnace. The mult-fuel furnace has a large ash pan, which makes it great when you have to be away from home and need that extra space before emptying the ashes.

The 240 lb. Hopper burns 7.25 pounds per hour when set on low and, when set on high it burns 14.25 lbs. per hour.

Installation materials are NOT included (i.e. floor protector, chimney connector, thimble, radiation shield, flue, heat duct, return air duct, etc.)

Product Features

  • Twin blowers provide redundancy and large amounts of air flow
  • Up to 105,000 BTUs
  • Heats up to 2,800 Sq. Ft.
  • 240 lb. hopper capacity
  • Digital Controls
  • Side outlet vent
  • Large Ash pan
  • Digital controls
  • Extra-heavy duty cast iron doors, grates and liners
  • Not available for sale in WA and CA
  • Burns 7.25 pounds per hour on low
  • Burns 14.25 pounds per hour on high
SKU 3340408
Model 8500
Weight 800.0000
Color No
Size No
Width No
In Store Only No
Price $2,299.99
Rural King provides a defect or damage warranty within 30 days of receipt. All Manufacturing Return Policies Supersede Rural King's Return Policy.
Product Manual

Customer Reviews

Would NOT recomend Review by Melanie W

Heats house great as long as the cotter pin doesn't burn off and burn out the inside agitator. We've had this stove 3 months and it needs the parts replaced again for the second time. In the mean time, I'm still paying for it and now the propane on top of it!!!!

(Posted on 1/21/2015)

Doesnt heat our home have to run small pellet stove so its warm Review by Patricia clark

Would never have bought this furnace if knew all the trouble no one in Erie pa knows how to repair all it does is eat pellets blows cold air talk to tech to adjust more goes out exaust than in house

(Posted on 1/5/2015)

great heater Review by dan fortin

Installed this heater in October if it is 35 degrees or warmer it will heat the house to 75 set on 1 at 15 out side it will keep the inside temp at 73 even if the wind is blowing if it gets below 15 I have to set it on2. We are very pleased with tis heater my home is 1200 square feet much better that the wood furnace we used for 30 years no mess and you can control the temp much better. if you follow the directions no problem . you have to install it right it will work fine. now we will see how many years it will last.

(Posted on 12/5/2014)

Furnace 8500 Review by Veronique

We purchased the 8500 last month (Sept 2014). We actually got it running a week after we received it because of the ductwork not being completed.
The furnace was delivered by a different company, the deliverers DO NOT help to bring it in the house. As this furnace weighs 485 pounds, make sure you have a few hands to bring it in. We had to bring it down in the basement and we had a hell of a time.
THINGS TO KNOW: As we were doing all the ductwork, we needed to know the CFM of this machine and it didn't say, I had to contact the company, in case you may need to know the answer, this furnace give 800 CFM's per blower and it has 2 blowers.
This furnace does NOT have an auto ignition. If you want to heat the house, you must keep I running at all times, The only issue with that is that the house gets REALLY HOT!, we than need to go down the basement o turn it off.

Rural king was very friendly and helpful on ordering. It was a quick phone call and I had everything I needed.

(Posted on 10/9/2014)

Love it! Review by Andria mcbride

We have a 2500 sq. foot house and it keeps us to warm 80 ! We run it on one most of the time . Even this past winter when it was so cold here in northern WI -20 some days we just put it on 3 and it kept the house at 72! This stove is amazing :)

(Posted on 8/28/2014)

GREAT FURNACE : Review by Larry Shannon.

I bought my US STOVE Model 8500 from Rural King. Rural King was great. Good price with fast shipping.Sent by Old Dominion Trucking who was also great. The furnace holds 160 pounds of pellets. I had problem with the twin blower motors when I first fired it up. The motor mounts on both fans were broken. I called US STOVE and they gladly honored their warranty and I had the parts in 2 days.It was an easy fix and you keep the broken parts. The furnace keeps my small house at 76 degrees on the number 3 or middle setting while the outside temperature is 25 degrees. Make sure to use Hi temp silicone on all vent pipe joints especially any elbows. You can count on Rural King and it is a safe place to buy. Google Verified. Recommended by Norton and they get good reviews from customers on Amazon. A good furnace. Don't hesitate to buy one.

(Posted on 3/27/2014)

Terrible Stove and Terrible Customer Service DO NOT BUY!! Review by Jacob Thompson

Well long story short, after purchasing this stove over a month ago and we correctly installed it to all the US Stove specifications the stove has filled my house with smoke twice from the draft fan randomly shutting off on level 3, along with numerous other issues. I have now had to heat my home on propane for an additional month and am now currently getting the run around from both US Stove and Rural King customer service. But after my last conversation with Rural King's head of customer service they did offer me a whopping $50 off a $3000 pile of junk investment!!! If you are thinking about buying this stove to save on heating costs, DONT its a WASTE of MONEY!!!

(Posted on 3/6/2014)

Great product great price Review by Mweber

Very happy with the quality of the 8500, looks like it will last a lifetime. Rural King had a great price and excellent shipping rates. Thank You

(Posted on 2/13/2013)

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Q & A

Product Questions

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Just wondering how long 320lbs will last on low setting plus wondering what kind of shipping i need to bring to my house and unload it
Do the fan and auger run on 240 vdc or 120vdc?
Can I burn wood in this stove ?
If the power goes out when it is running will the stove leak smoke into the building ?
When the unit is connected to existing duct work can the unit be run from a thermostat that is installed for this unit only?
I was ready to purchase the 8500 furnace (corn/pellet) until I read how many pounds of pellets it uses an hr. Are those figures accurate, as I am a retired math teacher and I figured if I used 10 lbs an hrs. for 24 hrs and 30 days I would use 3- 3.5 tons of pellets. This can not be right, r the figures that r printed n your flyer about this furnace correct? Let me know as I would like to purchase one but if it uses that many pellets I may as well use propane!!!!!!
Is this a EPA Certified Furnace?