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US Stove Company Pellet Stove, Window Unit 2400

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Customer Reviews

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Not a good investment Review by Jai B

We got this window unit a couple months ago, had to tear it apart and tweak things Idk how many times, it's working now and has been for over a month without new issues but the pellets have to be pushed down every hour or so and we are afraid to leave it running when we're not home. Just get a real pellet stove if possible.

(Posted on 1/14/14)

Ready for the Winter Review by DRock

It's installed and I've been testing for very short runs. Way too hot right now. I must say, it does put out a lot of heat. Seems very efficient for the amount of fuel used. Easy installation and appears easy to clean. I would suggest using a ash vacuum to speed up the process and avoid making a mess. I bought one that I also use for my Green Egg. Works great!

(Posted on 7/31/12)

Piece of JUNK!!!!!! Review by myfry22

First I would like to say Rural King has been great. I do not blame them at all. That said. I will make this quick and to the point. US Stove com and the PR team are next to worthless. I ordered one of these units on Jan 4th immediately it started to smoke inside the house. It was just a little so I thought it was just it's "breaking in" period. Wrong! Within 2 days smoke was pouring out of the whole thing and it was hot to the touch where it shouldn't have been. Called US Stove multiple time with no response or help. Had to contact R K for help. US stove then returned my call and sent me a new unit 2 weeks later. Now to the new unit. Hasn't tried to burn down the house but I am still leary to leave it on when nobody is home. What it does do is. Make squealing and whineing noise so bad that the family threaten to leave until I got it fixed. After tearing it apart for the 3rd ( once with the old one twice with this 1) I noticed that there was metal shavings around the base of the auger. I called Us Stove agian and they sent me a new auger motor. Wasnt the problem. Called agian. Got a auger and auger housing. tore it apart for the 4th and 5th time ( u have to put the piece of junk back together to c if it wrks) installed the new auger and motor. Seems to wrk now but lets just say I'm not real confindent that it will stay working. Its a gd idea and when it wrks it gives off gd heat but dont think it is worth the hassel. Oh and don't call US Stove just call Rural King and save urself the headache.

(Posted on 7/16/12)

3 Item(s)

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