Assorted Rare Breed Chicks

Assorted Rare Breed Chicks

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Assorted Rare Breed Chicks



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Can you tell the gender of the chicks before you order? You absolutely can! The answer is in the Item Name, please see the below key to see what the gender of the chick you are about to order.

If the Name includes:

  • Pullet = Your order will contain ALL Hen's.
  • Straight Run = Your order will contain BOTH Hen's and Roosters.
  • Cockerel = Your order will contain ALL Roosters.
  • Gosling = Your order will contain BOTH Female and Male Geese chicks.
  • Guineas = Your order will contain BOTH Female and Male Guineas chicks.
  • Ducks = Your order will contain BOTH Female and Male Ducklings.


Sold in groups of 10 chicks. For the price listed, you receive 10 chicks.


*IMPORTANT*: For Ship to Home orders please note, the chicks will ship to your LOCAL POST OFFICE. The chicks will NOT ship to your home. Please ensure you have a good contact number on your order. Your local post office will call you on the number listed on your order once the chicks have arrived and are available for pick up!