Bacti-Klear® Pellets Aquatic Microbial Blend, 10 lb. - 1537.410

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Bacti-Klear® Pellets Aquatic Microbial Blend, 10 lb. - 1537.410



Bacti-Klear is a natural, multitasking pond treatment. This unique formulation of sludge digesting bacteria and enzymes are designed to decrease organic sediment, reduce odors caused by muck, and improve water clarity!

Restore the natural balance in your lake or pond with this biological treatment. Does not kill aquatic plants when applied as instructed. Bacti-Klear is safe for fish and wildlife, and does not contain pathogenic bacteria.


Product Features:


  • There are no water use restrictions when used at label rates.
  • Safe for use in ponds, lakes, irrigation tanks, and water hazards.
  • Granular formulation ideal for sediment and bottom muck.
  • For maximum effectiveness on suspended materials use Bacti-Klear Liquid.
  • Begin application once water temperate reaches 50°F.
  • Startup application: 20 lbs per surface acre every 30 days until desired sediment reduction is achieved.
  • Maintenance application: 10 lbs per surface acre every 30-60 days until water temperatures fall below 50°F.
  • Follow all label guidelines and warnings.
  • Works effectively in water pH between 5.5 and 8.5