Cornish Cross Meatbirds, Straight Run - 11610150

Cornish Cross Meatbirds, Straight Run - 11610150

SKU: 11610150

Cornish Cross Meatbirds, Straight Run - 11610150



This is the bird that single-handedly changed American eating habits. Before Cornish Cross Broilers were developed, a chicken dinner was a rare treat reserved for special occasions. Pre-Cornish Cross era chickens grew slowly while eating plenty of feed. Their meat was tasty but sparse. The Cornish Cross made broiler production efficient, and today it™s often the most inexpensive meat the grocery store sells. Cornish Cross Broilers require special feeding and care but grow astonishingly fast. They weigh nearly six pounds when only six weeks old by efficiently converting feed into flesh. Cornish Cross Broilers are the best choice for a person who wants to quickly produce delicious meat and has no plan to save hens for egg production.

Purpose: Meat Bird Production: Matures Between 6-8 Weeks Temperament: Docile, Sedentary Mature Weight: 6-8 lbs. Hardiness: Cold and Heat Hardy


Product Features:


  • Bird Purpose: Meat bird
  • Egg Color: Brown
  • Egg Size: Small to Medium
  • Bird Characteristics: Docile, Hybrid meat bird, Able to convert feed to muscle at a rate unsurpassed by any other chicken type, Special feeding regimen required to keep them from leg and heart issues
  • Mature Weight: Male 9-11 lb. Female 8-9 lb.

Can you tell the gender of the chicks before you order? You absolutely can! The answer is in the Item Name, please see the below key to see what the gender of the chick you are about to order.

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  • Ducks = Your order will contain BOTH Female and Male Ducklings.


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