Harvest Lane Honey 3 lb. Package Of Live Italian Honeybees

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Harvest Lane Honey 3 lb. Package Of Live Italian Honeybees

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Click Here to Learn More Harvest Lane Italian honey bees (Apis mellifera ligustica) are the most popular in North America. They are recognized by their light color, ranging from a leathery yellow to lemon yellow. Italian bees are known for being gentle and easy to work with, having high brood production, being less prone to disease and as excellent honey producers. Italian bees thrive in warm southern climates and are less able to cope with the "hard" winters and cool, wet springs of more northern latitudes.


Product Features:


  • Each package contains: 1 screen box with 3 pounds of Italian bees (approximately 10,000 - 12,000 bees), 1 mated queen (in a corked cage) and a feeding supplement
  • Bees ship between April and May. You will receive notice when your order ships.
  • Rapid build up in the spring
  • Excellent honey producers
  • Shows lower swarming tendency compared to other Western honey bee races
  • Smaller colonies going into winter
  • Mild tempered, easy to manage, good for beginners and experienced keepers
  • Cleanliness/excellent housekeeper (which some scientists think might be a factor in disease resistance)
  • Resistance to various diseases including tracheal mite and Varroa mite
  • Italian honey bees are superb comb builders!


DISCLAIMER: Harvest Lane Honey will NOT refund any package bees or shipping costs. Customer assumes full responsibility for package bees and shipping costs.

Live bees are sensitive and should be installed within 24 hours. Keep in a cool dark room prior to installing.

Please do not transport your bees in a secondary container (i.e. plastic container). Package Bees need air flow. Do not place your bees in direct sunlight or in direct wind.

There are approximately 10,000-12,000 bees per individual 3lb. box. Harvest Lane Honey has supplied you with more than 3lbs. of bees as there is an expected shrinkage of up to 10%. This is common and to be expected. You will also receive a young Mated Queen. We offer no guarantee (implied, oral or written) for any of our bees or Queens. We must do this simply because we have no control over what you do with your Bees. Once you receive them, you are fully responsible for any and all losses or accidents. All payments for Queens and Bee packages are non-refundable. If for some reason you find that a Queen Bee is deceased, please contact your customer service within 24 hours. Proof of the deceased Queen Bee must be provided (picture) in order for a new Queen Bee to be shipped directly to you. Harvest Lane Honey will not ship re-placement queens on Friday-Sunday and or Holidays.

*Orders will ship starting in April through the month of May*

Bees will ship UPS, Check tracking numbers for up to date delivery information.


Please note that this is a special order item. Your payment method for these items will be charged at the time of shipment. 

*Please check tracking number to ensure someone is able to receive the package of bees in person.*