Ice Melt, 40lb. Bag

Ice Melt, 40lb. Bag

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Ice Melt, 40lb. Bag



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Salt does do a great job of melting ice and snow through the winter, but it can be hard on your pets, the environment, and your garden. Pets get salt on their paws, which causes cracking, salt corrodes metal, damages concrete, and wreaks havoc on your garden and lawn. Earth-Wise 50 Pound Ice Melt is an environmentally friendly ice melt alternatives that are kind to pets and the environment.

Product Features:


  • Specially formulated de-icer blend of Potassium & Sodium Chlorides
  • Environmentally friendly for soil, grass & shrubs
  • Lower application rates-economical performer
  • No oily residue
  • More effective ice melter than Potassium Chloride, Urea, CMA or combination of these
  • Effective to -5 degrees
  • Light green in color
  • Size: 40 lb. Bag