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Prowler Rodent Block, 4ct 1lb - 22465

Prowler Rodent Block, 4ct 1lb - 22465

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Prowler Rodent Block, 4ct 1lb - 22465



Prowler rodenticides, exclusively from Motomco, are formulated to control even the toughest infestations on farms and agricultural operations. Prowler baits fuse the proven, acute active Bromethalin with proprietary ingredients to create formulas designed to maximize palatability and bait acceptance. Using Motomco's newest method for active ingredient synthesis, Prowler uses Bromethalin to achieve results with less bait compared to anticoagulants. Prowler Chunx are mold and moisture resistant and use Motomco's extrusion process for a multi-edge shape that rodents love to gnaw. Each box contains 4 individually wrapped 1lb Bars of Bait and can be used indoors and out.


Product Features:


  • First and ONLY 4 x 1oz. Bar Bait made with the acute active ingredient Bromethalin
  • Each box contains 4 x 1lb. slabs which are scored to be broken into 16 x 1oz. blocks
  • Each 1oz. Block Kills up to 12 Mice, based on no-choice laboratory testing
  • A single feeding of Prowler Bait will kill rodents in 2 or more days, vs. 4-5 days for anticoagulant baits after consuming a lethal dose