Tarter Equine Hay Basket - EHB

Tarter Equine Hay Basket - EHB

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Tarter Equine Hay Basket - EHB



Throw a square bale into this round basket and you’ll quickly see why horse owners everywhere have added the Equine Hay Basket to their farms. This-one-of-a-kind feeder is designed to keep horses happy and healthy, while reducing hay waste and saving you money.

This feeder not only makes it easier to feed square hay bales to your herd, the 34” tall design improves digestion and decreases respiratory problems, as it allows horses to feed in their natural position. Made with 1.75” steel tubing, this feeder is 64” in diameter, creating space for three or four horses to feed at any given time.
This Tarter exclusive feeder is designed for safety and savings. The Equine Hay Basket has a smooth, heavy duty plastic basket that tucks inside the circular steel tubing. This basket keeps hay off the ground and has large ventilation gaps to reduce moisture, while still keeping hay contained. At the bottom of the basket you’ll find holes which ensures proper drainage, keeping hay dry.
This lightweight feeder is easy to move to keep feeding areas clean, making it the ideal choice for keeping hay fresh, while reducing your feeding costs.


Product Features:

  • Keeps hay dry and off the ground
  • 34”’ tall so horses can eat in their natural feeding position
  • 64” diameter for multiple horses
  • Smooth, heavy duty, vented basket
  • Reduces waste and saves money