US Stove Pellet Stove with 40lb Hopper - 5040

US Stove Pellet Stove with 40lb Hopper - 5040

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US Stove Pellet Stove with 40lb Hopper - 5040



Stay warm during cold weather with the US Stove Company.

This freestanding pellet stove goes a long way in saving you money. Designed for moderately sized homes and condos, this easy-to-use stove has more features and benefits than many higher priced stoves. It has a large viewing window so you can see the fire burn for up to 40 hours. The stove has a 40 pound pellet capacity, allowing for such a long burn time. The digital control board makes adjusting the heat as easy as pushing a button. It can heat up to 1,4200 square feet and puts out 36,000 BTUs. Truly a quality stove from the United States Stove Company, it is a great buy. Certain installation materials not included.

Product Features:

  • Installation materials are NOT included (i.e. floor protector, chimney connector, thimble, radiation shield, flue, etc.)
  • Digital control board allows adjusting heat and draft control with the push of a button
  • Removable burn pot
  • Automatic Igniter
  • Can burn up to 40 hours
  • Air wash glass
  • Large viewing window
  • Heavy steel construction
  • 3 inch rear flue
  • Nickel spring handle
  • Approved for mobile and modular homes with optional fresh air kit
  • Not available for sale in Washington and California
  • Dimensions: 28.5"H x 21.5"W x 24.5"L 
  • Weight: 175lbs