Kaytee Wild Finch Bar, 14.5 oz. Bag - 100537086

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Kaytee Wild Finch Bar, 14.5 oz. Bag - 100537086



The Kaytee Nyjer Wild Bird Food is both bird food and feeder all in one for a convenient, time-saving option. This wild treat bar features tasty ingredients that goldfinches, pine siskins, purple finches, lesser finches and buntings are flap happy for. This bar’s ready-hang feature means you don’t need a separate feeder. It makes for less mess, since there’s no loose feed for your birdie friends to push out of the feeder. While traditional sock feeders usually end up with feed falling on the ground, this feeder cuts down on the mess and waste. Plus, since birds spend more time pecking at and eating the seed, you’ll have more time to watch your feathered friends in action.


Product Features:

  • No new or existing feeder needed with the ready to hang feature
  • Less mess and lasts longer than traditional loose seed
  • Birds spend more time pecking and eating the seed, leading to more time watching birds at the feeder



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